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Easy-to-clean HMI systems for life science applications up to Zone 2/22

VisuNet GMP operator workstations are built for the needs of process automation in the life science industry. Designed for applications that fulfill GMP regulations, easy-to-clean slim-line stainless steel housings offer a suitable finish (RA ≤ 8 μm) with no gaps or horizontal areas. All material used is nonabrasive and tested to withstand a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents.

GMP systems serve as the operator interface to the process automation DCS or MES in the production area. They are also used in grade A to D cleanrooms and other demanding production areas. The network-based remote monitor version is a favorite for the unique demands of regulated life science applications.

Typical Applications

The VisuNet GMP operator workstation is optimized for use in cleanrooms that require frequent cleaning of equipment, such as in pharmaceutical production plants. Especially in fermentation processes, the VisuNet GMP series is an ideal solution for process monitoring. It meets the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and is made of material that cannot react with any cleaning agents or disinfectants. Learn more about the benefits of the VisuNet GMP series in applications like this.  

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