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Modular, field-maintainable HMI systems for life science applications up to Zone 1/21 and Div. 2

The innovative VisuNet GXP offers a compact, modular design that allows easy setup and maintenance. GXP systems consist of three main components that can be replaced in the field: display, power supply, and computing unit (PC or RM). With a stainless steel housing, GXP components are resistant to all chemicals and detergents commonly found in the life sciences sector—and the GXP is the industry’s lightest RM for Zone 1/21 and Div. 2 life science applications.

Typical Applications

The VisuNet GXP series is designed for life science applications. In downstream processes, flavors and fragrances are refilled or mixed. The VisuNet GXP can support employees in the manual steps of these processes, for instance. Since it is certified for hazardous locations up to Zone 1/21, it is a perfect solution for areas where explosive substances are decanted. Learn more about the benefits of the VisuNet GXP series in applications like this. 

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