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Did You Find Out? Get the Answer to the Riddle of E-News Issue No. 3, June 2018


The broken window glass incident

Who kicked the ball and broke the window?
Who has shot the ball?

In a courtyard, four teenagers are playing soccer until one of them breaks a window. The homeowner takes the four teenagers to task, but only (exactly) one person tells the truth:

Nicolas: Elena has kicked the ball.
Marc: It was not me! 
Elena: Bastian did it.
Bastian: Elena is lying!

Can you figure out who has kicked the ball that broke the window?


Assuming that only one of the statements is true, the following applies:

  • If it was Nicolas, then Marc and Bastian are telling the truth.
  • If it was Elena, then Nicolas, Marc, and Bastian are telling the truth. 
  • If it was Bastian, then Marc and Elena are telling the truth.
  • If it was Marc, then only Bastian is telling the truth.

According to this reasoning, Marc kicked the ball that broke the window.


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