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Easy Integration of Push Buttons into AS-Interface


Made possible by the new CB10 module

AS-Interface CB10 module
AS-Interface CB10 module

There is a wide variety of modules, power supplies, repeaters, masters, and gateways available for AS-Interface networks. But the range of AS-Interface push buttons is somewhat limited and does not always meet user requirements. To solve this problem, Pepperl+Fuchs developed the unique CB10 module, which allows easy integration of push buttons and key-operated switches into AS-Interface networks. This gives users the flexibility to choose from a variety of non-AS-Interface push buttons to suit their application.

Flexible Installation, Easy Mounting

The compact CB10 module can be easily mounted into existing push button boxes or behind panels. An innovative hotmelt manufacturing process makes it possible to fully overmold the electronic components without injection molding. The result is an extremely compact housing design of just 36 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm that can easily fit into small push button boxes. Hotmelt technology also protects the CB10’s electronics and creates a high-quality, impact-resistant housing.

The compact CB10 module can be easily mounted into existing push button boxes or behind panels.

The CB10 module enables quick integration of push buttons into your AS-Interface system, and it comes with double-sided adhesive strips for easy mounting. With crimped leads, the module offers maximum flexibility and direct connectivity. Color-coded leads ensure quick and clear assignment of the functions. Status and diagnostic LED indicators and additional labeling of the leads provide another advantage for trouble-free installation and operation.

Color-coded leads and LED indicators ensure trouble-free installation.

Modular Solution

The compact AS-Interface CB10 module from Pepperl+Fuchs offers users a modular and flexible solution that can fit in the tightest spaces. Depending on the application, a wide variety of mechanical push buttons, switches, and panels can now be easily integrated into the AS-Interface network. In addition, switch boxes and panels can be easily pre-assembled, allowing OEMs to offer a connection-ready solution. The CB10 also provides power for buttons and switches directly from the AS-Interface network—no additional power supply is required.


  • Compact housing design of 36 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm allows easy integration into small panels
  • Pre-wired module enabling OEMs to preassemble push button panels in the factory and connect them directly to the application
  • Color-coded leads with crimped ends ensure trouble-free installation
  • Innovative manufacturing with hotmelt technology provides compact, durable housing that protects the electronics


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