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PROFIBUS & PROFINET International is the organization that writes guidelines and definitions to make technologies easy to use in products with interoperability. As a pioneer and innovator in electrical explosion protection and sensor technology, Pepperl+Fuchs brings more than 60 years of experience to this alliance of manufacturers and operators. Here you will find products and portfolios for the practical implementation of your automation task.

Ethernet-APL—the communication solution for intrinsic safety

Ethernet-APL is the physical layer for the field of process automation. This technology, first presented to a broad audience in 2015 and published in standards in 2021, enables consistent and barrier-free Ethernet communication.

FieldConnex—Fieldbus infrastructure for PROFIBUS PA

Saving time and costs, ensuring high plant availability, using a future-oriented system: There are plenty of advantages utilizing fieldbus infrastructures. With FieldConnex® from Pepperl+Fuchs you can benefit from an easy-to-use and all-digital system—with forward compatibility to Ethernet-APL.


Modular remote I/O systems transmit process data of binary and analog sensors from the field, whether with or without explosion protection. They translate the measurement signals into the digital language PROFINET or PROFIBUS. Remote I/O is the link to the Internet of Things in modernizations.

PROFINET—the leading Ethernet standard

PROFINET is the innovative open standard for Industrial Ethernet. It meets all the requirements of automation technology.

PROFIBUS—the universal fieldbus

PROFIBUS is a standardized, open, digital communication system for all application areas of manufacturing and process automation.

IO-Link—the intelligent communication technology

IO-Link is a globally standardized, stand-alone sensor/actuator interface solution for use in automation systems.

The internationally standardized, manufacturer-independent interface enables consistent, bidirectional communication down to the sensor level with complete compatibility to simple switching sensors and actuators.

omlox—The Asset Tracking Standard

Omlox is an open technology standard for real-time indoor localization systems in industrial manufacturing.

The identification method RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) forms a central building block for the omlox standard. Pepperl+Fuchs supports omlox with RFID components and application know-how.


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