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New Laser Profile Sensor “SmartRunner Explorer” Unlocks Full Potential of the SmartRunner Technology


New Laser Profile Sensor “SmartRunner Explorer”
The SmartRunner Explorer unlocks the full potential of the SmartRunner technology

The new SmartRunner Explorer unlocks the full potential of the SmartRunner technology—whether for measuring metal profiles in the automotive industry, packaging or parcels. Due to the unique combination of light section and 2-D vision technology in just one device, the easy-to-integrate sensor masters any profile detection task with high reliability—regardless of surface structure and lighting conditions. The sensor outputs the height profile as raw data, which can then be individually evaluated and used by the user. The vision sensor fits therefore perfectly into the SmartRunner family, which already includes the SmartRunner Matcher for profile matching and the SmartRunner Detector as a specialist for monitoring tasks.

Laser Light Section and 2-D Vision Technology Uniquely Combined

As with the other sensors in the SmartRunner family, the camera detects an object illuminated by a projected laser line using the laser light section method. It transmits only the wavelength of the laser line at a specific basic distance and therefore maps the height profile of the object. This is precisely recorded using the triangulation principle and converted into world coordinates by the sensor. In addition to the height profile, the SmartRunner Explorer outputs a 2-D image, setting it apart from other laser profile sensors on the market.

Highlights of the SmartRunner Explorer

  • Unique combination of height profile and 2-D image output in only one device
  • Raw data sensor for flexible implementation of applications
  • Reliable, precise detection via laser light section technology—independent of surface condition and color
  • Simple interpretation of line data due to output of 2-D images
  • Simple diagnostics through analysis of error images


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Ontdek de SmartRunner-technologie met haar unieke combinatie van lichtsectietechnologie en 2D-vision sensor met ingebouwde LED’s...