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RFID - More Than Identification

Identification sets new standards

The UHF read/write F190 head provides maximum flexibility, easy handling, and convinces with high performance features
The UHF read/write F190 head provides maximum flexibility, easy handling, and convinces with high performance features

RFID technology controls processes in various industries. Its versatile capabilities demonstrate why this technology has such a significant meaning to modern applications. RFID makes processes more intelligent, transparent, and substantially saves costs.

So does our latest UHF read/write head F190. The F190 provides maximum flexibility, easy handling, and convinces with high performance features:

  • Reads up to 40 tags at the same time
  • Compact and robust housing can be used in adverse environmental conditions
  • Software selectable read range enhances process safety
  • Easy integration into existing IDENTControl systems

The UHF read/write head F190 is one among the various quality products that result from more than 20 years of experience and application know-how in industrial RFID at Pepperl+Fuchs.

What we offer

  • High-performance RFID components – from small tags to intelligent control interfaces
  • Compatible with all control interfaces – worldwide
  • Safe and transparent processes – customizable at any time
  • Global service – for your satisfaction

Discover the diversity of RFID technology for your applications

Master your logistics easily with RFID

The flow of goods must always be adjustable. The reliable traceability of materials is as important as the complete transparency of processes.

Industrial RFID improves order picking

Read/write heads mounted between conveyor rollers can identify tags in various positions. The reliable identification of products and totes results in near zero shipping errors.

Industrial RFID enhances garment handling

RFID technology is used in the garment industry. Clothing is transported via suspension conveyors. Tags help to identify the destination of every single piece.

RFID enables proper cooling

RFID systems keep track of processes in high rack warehouses. Goods are quickly transported to their target location.

Safe control of complex processes

RFID monitors hose connections

RFID monitored hose connections allow or inhibit the flow of process components and liquids and ensure processes.

Industrial RFID as a “Key” to Control Machine Access

Unauthorized machine operation and manipulation of parameters can be prevented by RFID technology.

RFID enables better catering

RFID also controls the allocation of food in airplanesRFID systems are integrated in inductive ovens to control the food preparation.

Discover more applications for RFID and view our application index.

RFID from Pepperl+Fuchs secures worldwide use

Pepperl+Fuchs’ components can be combined with all control interfaces worldwide. For ideal applications IDENTControl interfaces can be connected with read/write heads and tags of all common operating frequencies (LF, HF, UHF).

Optimize your applications with RFID from Pepperl+Fuchs. Our experts are ready to help!