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Experience Hygienic Design [Movie]

Complete unique solution incorporating ultrasonic, photoelectric and inductive sensors with "hygienic design"

Sensors designed with hygiene in mind have a smooth surface, no edges where dirt might collect, or germs could settle, and are designed for wet zones with extreme temperature fluctuations. Before a sensor is approved by Pepperl+Fuchs for use in the food industry, it undergoes tests specifically geared towards these requirements. These tests are much more thorough than required.

We present three sensor technologies with this new „hygienic design”, the first manufacturer to do so.

Your benefit:

  • Specially adapted sensor concept for all machine zones from a single source
  • EHEDG-certified sensors with "hygienic design" for the product contact zone
  • Adapted sensor and mounting solution minimizes the contamination risk
  • Easy-to-clean sensor design improves microbiological safety
  • Shorter cleaning times for higher machine availability

Загрузки: Руководства по использованию ультразвуковых датчиков