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Serviceline Explosion Protection

RFID Protects Tool Inserts

Reliable association between crimps and crimp tools, using RFID technology

A high-speed automatic crimping machine closes both ends of a sausage casing in a meat processing plant.

Reliable matching of the crimp tool insert and metal crimp. Assure that only properly fitting, original crimps are used. Permit higher productivity and machine availability.

Simultaneous monitoring of both crimp tool and spool with metal crimps.

Customer advantage
Limiting machine damage, which can occur when crimps are incorrectly paired with the crimp tool, prevents machine downtime and increases productivity. Additionally, the machine manufacturer can make sure that only the manufacturer’s original crimps are used, thus creating supplementary sales.

Sausage filling machine and crimp spool with RFID label

What has been done

Processing open sausage casings with special machines requires addressing tough food processing requirements. Generally, automation solutions have to be fully integrated and must withstand the toughest environmental conditions (cleaning agents, frequent washdown, disinfection). These machines follow a “clean design” where corners and crevices are avoided from the start.

During sausage production, open casing ends are sealed using metal crimps that are closed by high-speed crimping machines. When the sausage size changes, the type and size of the crimps and the crimping tool must also change. The crimping tool utilizes an insert specifically designed for a particular kind of crimp; using non-matched parts can result in machine damage and/or improperly closed casings. To prevent this from happening, both the crimp tool and the metal crimps are equipped with an RFID tag. Because the IDENTControl interface allows the connection of read heads operating at different frequencies, both read heads can be connected to the same interface, making this highly economical and easy to integrate. Error-free production is assured and machine damage prevented.

The correct matching of crimps with the proper crimp tool increases reliable productivity during sausage production. Additionally, crimp sales increase the machine suppliers’ turnover.


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