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Serviceline Explosion Protection

Piracy Protection with RFID

Original spare parts securely identified with RFID

Printing machines for ceramic tiles.


Maintain consistently high print quality throughout the entire life cycle of the printing system.


RFID tags embedded in the print drum guarantee that only the highest quality original spare parts are used. Robust read/write heads with good EMC properties and read-only tags that can be flush mounted in metal are necessary.

Customer advantage
Protect quality and ensure that non-approved or pirated spare parts cannot be used. Maintenance cycles can be determined and replacement parts business can be controlled.

Ceramic tile manufacturing using RFID

What has been done

Machine builders everywhere put great emphasis on the quality of their products; machine uptime, productivity, and flexibility are important selling points. RFID solutions can make essential contributions and provide valuable USPs compared to reverse-engineered copies from low-quality competitors.

In this specific application, ceramic tiles are made in a number of integrated processing steps. The tile surface is prepared and one of many available designs is applied. Producing the necessary variants in the desired high quality depends significantly on the print drum and associated bearings used on the machine. Consequently, it is of vital importance that only original drums supplied by the machine builder be used. Because these kinds of machines are frequently reverse engineered and copied, every drum has to be checked to determine if it is an original or not. This is done by reading an RFID tag embedded in the drum, thus guaranteeing that only original, high quality parts are used. Not only does this minimize end customer complaints due to varying product quality, but it also has the added advantage of routing 100% of the spare parts business though the machine builder.

100% spare parts business provides continuing sales, ensures the quality of the tiles, and protects the professional image of both the machine builder and tile manufacturer.


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