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Industrial RFID Improves Order Picking

RFID tags mounted to order logistics tote reduce shipping errors

Custom orders must be picked properly and no items can be missed. The time it takes to pick each order needs to be as short as possible. Once all parts are picked, the shipping boxes for each order must fit the type, weight, and volume of the items.

The objective is to enhance warehouse logistics procedures. Each order must be automatically traced during the entire picking process and picking errors must be eliminated. Shipments should be optimized by combining multiple orders from the same customer, even if a new order is placed at the last minute.

Read reliablity approaching 100% is a must. An RFID tag needs to be integrated into the tote. Shipping data read from the tags at the end of the process is used to generate customer documents and shipping labels.

Customer advantage
Customers benefit from efficient order picking. The reliable identification of products and totes results in near zero shipping errors. Selecting the best packaging material reduces shipping costs by eliminating waste.

An RFID system enables warehouses to optimize throughput and reduce shipping expenses

What is being done

Today’s consumers are used to placing orders online and receiving exactly what they want within a few days, even if they placed orders with many line items. This is possible only with well-designed automated logistics procedures.

Inside the closed-loop warehouse, system totes are identified using industrial RFID that tracks every item inside the tote. Additionally, the data can be stored redundantly on the tag itself, thus enabling decentralized decision making. At the time of order processing, the most suitable shipping boxes and packing materials are determined based on weight, volume, and item type. This assures that the correct materials are available when the order is completed. Generation of the shipping labels, pick list, and invoice is fully automated. Because industrial RFID tags are significantly more robust than barcode labels, the system affords higher uptime and availability. Only the final shipping boxes will utilize barcode labels.

Order picking is frequently a manual process. Industrial RFID solutions support employees and prevent costly shipping errors.

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