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RFID – Industrial Identification for Worldwide Use

The IDENTControl industrial RFID system offers maximum flexibility. Our IDENTControl interfaces with nearly all major PLCs on the market. Combining the right accessories with our read/write heads and tags gives you solutions to a wide range of application challenges for each RFID frequency (LF, HF and UHF).


  • The new EtherCAT interface of the IDENTControl Compact offers real-time capability for high-speed applications with a fast transmission of data (256 Byte)
  • The Varikont L2 has a unique 360° visibility with extra bright LEDs and a sensor head that can be rotated in five directions
  • The F97 is the ideal read/write head for high-speed applications in the material handling industry. It can be mounted between conveyor rollers or laterally. With its 54 cm length the F97 offers maximum tolerance in the tag position.

IDENTControl – One system… One solution… Worldwide

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