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Digital Processing of Discrete Input and Output Signals


Easy with the FieldConnex® Multi-Input/Output

FieldConnex® Multi-Input/Output Fieldbus Infrastructure
Learn more about the features of Multi-Input/Output and how you can benefit.

Connect discrete input and output signals with different functions to the fieldbus easily and cost-effectively using a single address: with the FieldConnex Multi-Input/Output (MIO) from Pepperl+Fuchs, you can do this in no time at all. The compact fieldbus component offers intrinsic safety and ensures extremely easy handling with maximum flexibility in plant design.

Versatile Functions in a Single Device

Collecting many discrete signals is necessary for automating process plants. The FieldConnex Multi-Input/Output functions as a reliable link between simple, intrinsically safe signals and the digital control panel. It combines four different functions in a single device. For example, it can monitor the status of up to twelve NAMUR sensors or control up to four valves simultaneously. It also enables overflow and idle level of containers and conduits to be monitored by vibration limit switches. The fieldbus component can also collect signals from pulse and frequency generators, such as those for standstill monitoring of critical motors.


Predictive Plant Management

With its comprehensive diagnostics for detecting lead breakages and short circuits, and for monitoring valve breakaway and runtimes, the Multi-Input/Output allows reliable monitoring of critical valves. If a pre-defined limit value is exceeded, the MIO signals an alarm early on, enabling maintenance teams to ensure smooth plant operation. In addition, automatic partial stroke tests keep rarely-actuated valves in service and reduce costs through extended maintenance intervals. This allows needs-based, targeted maintenance, avoids shutdowns, and significantly increases plant availability. The following animation gives you an overview of the Multi-Input/Output’s versatile applications and benefits.


Easy Handling

All inputs and outputs of the Multi-Input/Output are intrinsically safe and offer simple, convenient operation due to their ability to be configured collectively or individually. Its robust housing design enables users to install the fieldbus component in the immediate vicinity of the sensor, even in hazardous areas. This reduces wiring effort as well as the cost and time required for installation. The optimized design of the Multi-Input/Output also makes cable connection significantly easier.

Highlights of FieldConnex Multi-Input/Output

  • Connects up to twelve discrete signals via a single fieldbus address and integrates them into the control technology.
  • Intrinsically safe ignition protection for sensors in Zone 0.
  • Monitoring of lead breakages, short circuits, valve breakaway, and runtimes facilitates needs-based, targeted maintenance.
  • Automatic partial stroke test extends maintenance interval.
  • Backward compatibility enables easy system modernization.
  • Available in aluminum, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, and stainless steel housing versions.


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