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Industrial Communication Portfolio Continues to Grow


Slim Ethernet IO Modules and Powerful I/O Hubs Complete the Range of Standardized Fieldbus Modules

I/O Hub with IO-Link interface and Ethernet IO Module with IO-Link Master
Slim Ethernet IO modules and powerful I/O hubs flexibly integrate into an intelligent IO-Link system.

Ethernet IO modules with integrated IO-Link master enable communication, diagnostics, and parameterization from the control system to the sensor level. I/O hubs can also be connected to an IO-Link master that allows binary sensors and actuators to be flexibly integrated into an intelligent IO-Link system.

To meet the different requirements of a wide range of applications and ambient conditions, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed two new products in the field of industrial communication: Ethernet IO modules in a slim housing design and high-performance I/O hubs. These complete the portfolio of standardized fieldbus modules by paving the way for transparent data exchange via IO-Link and offering users more freedom in system planning.

Slim Ethernet IO Modules for Limited Space

Designed for applications with limited installation space, the new Ethernet IO modules with IO-Link master are only 30 mm wide. The integrated L-coded 16 A plug transfers more power than conventional plugs, making it possible to connect several modules while reducing wiring time.

Like their 60 mm-wide predecessors, the new modules are especially rugged and designed for cold starts in temperatures as low as -40 °C. The Ethernet IO modules have an IP69 rating and a durable molded metal housing that create the best conditions for use in demanding environments.

High-Performance I/O Hubs with Six Outputs

I/O hubs support mixed operation of IO-Link devices and standard binary sensors/actuators in a single IO-Link system. This makes technological restrictions a thing of the past and gives users absolute freedom during plant design.

In combination with the 8-port IO-Link master, I/O hubs not only make it possible to transfer up to 128 digital I/Os to the higher-level control system; the new development also features outputs that can be connected to signal lamps and other devices. Depending on the application, new I/O hubs are available in a 16DIO version with 16 configurable inputs and outputs or with ten inputs and six outputs. The Pepperl+Fuchs I/O hubs feature a rugged, molded metal housing and an extended temperature range that make them suited for use in harsh industrial environments.

Highlights of the Ethernet IO Modules and I/O Hubs

  • 8-port Ethernet IO modules with integrated IO-Link master and a slim, 30 mm width
  • I/O hubs with IO-Link interface for easily connecting up to 128 digital I/Os to a control system
  • Rugged molded metal housing for use in harsh industrial environments


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