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Wireless Energy and Signal Transmission with WIS [Movie]

Wireless installation of sensors on moveable machine parts is now possible

In this application, a robotic automotive door welding assembly cell uses the WIS wireless inductive system to power remote sensors used in the welding application. Components generally used for transmitting power and signals across to machine elements that are in motion (like slip rings) can be replaced by the WIS wireless inductive system.

Our wireless transmission system transmits power and receives signals from remote sensors. The system can transmit power via an inductively coupled coil system at an operating distance of 5 mm, 1.5 watts.

The WIS system includes an interface module that connects to the primary side inductive coil. The coil transmits power to and receives signals from the secondary side wireless inductive unit. The secondary side wireless inductive unit interfaces to an eight port junction block which can connect up to 8 remotely mounted inductive, optical, capacitive or ultrasonic sensors.

Eliminate wires, reduce cabling

The WIS wireless inductive system is ideal for expansion of existing equipment without additional power wiring, or in space-tight applications where additional wiring / cabling is not possible.