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Serviceline Explosion Protection

An Accepted Standard in Process Automation

FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 (FF H1) supplies power and transmits communication digitally between host systems such as a DCS or a PLC and field instrumentation. Status information and control commands are transmitted between up to 31 participants connected to the same cable. Fieldbus is more than just pure process control. Remote configuration, asset management, and proactive maintenance is all made possible with fieldbus technology.

FieldConnex® is the right system to protect and integrate field device data into DCS. Simplistic by design, the reliable components provide ease of use and durability. Multiple explosion protection concepts of choice make this the enabling technology for installation, commissioning, and dependable operation.

FF H1 conforms to IEC 61158-2. The Fieldbus Foundation is the governing body; it issues guidelines and definitions and ensures interoperability of devices. All constituencies such as plant operators, suppliers, contractors and DCS vendors are represented.

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