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Industrial RFID F61 Reading Head for a Track Switch Reading Point in Conveyor Systems

Decentralized control of intelligent container with integrated RFID transponder

Benefit from sophisticated RFID technology from Pepperl+Fuchs to control your warehouse logistics. In conveyor and production systems, work steps and conveyor routes are often centrally controlled. The F61 RFID reading head from Pepperl+Fuchs forms the basis for the track switch reading point that helps you optimize your processes. Logistics processes, like congested conveyor belt sections, can continue without disruptions.

The F61 reading head even allows the decentralized control of intelligent containers with integrated, writeable RFID transponders directly at the scene. The transponders in the containers integrate all the required information, which is present throughout the entire conveyor process.

Modular track switch detects the topology via a connection to the IDENTControl interface

The “Internet of things” principle should be transferred to warehouse, conveyor, and production systems. All goods are accompanied by a transponder that carries information on the origin, quality assurance, and other processes and transport destinations. Write operations can be used to update this data at any time. A decision is made to select the next process step and the best conveyor route.

A large antenna fitted to the track switches and work stations makes the transponder position noncritical. As a result, time-critical adjustments in combination with a central database are rendered superfluous, and data communication to the higher level is reduced. Due to the modular structure of the conveyor modules and automatic topology detection, the conveyor route operates almost fully automatically and transports goods to their destination.

Featuring an extremely slim design, the F61 reading head is ideal for integrating in machines or installing in locations with limited space.

The benefits of using industrial RFID in conveyor systems:

  • Optimized cycle times and improved system utilization
  • Decentralized control eliminates time-consuming communication to higher levels
  • Conveyor modules with more flexible, modular design

Main features of the F61 RFID reading head at a glance:

RFID F61 reading head
RFID F61 reading head
  • Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
  • IP67 protection 
  • Slim design (12 mm x 28 mm x 80 mm)
  • Installable on metal
  • Possible to connect to RFID IDENTControl or IDENTControl Compact interface

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