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FieldConnex® Thinks Ahead: Innovative Features for New Levels of Availability

Intelligent Fieldbus—Keeps your process running

100% availability - this is the goal underlying each and every new development in FieldConnex® fieldbus technology. The new components guarantee a seamlessly transparent fieldbus infrastructure that eliminates faults before they arise. No other technology can bring your process facilities as close to the goal of 100% availability.

Progressive failure detection and suppression

Detect faults. Avoid faults. Isolate faults. This is the only secure way to keep processes running without interruption. The brains of the new FieldConnex® fieldbus technology are the Advanced Diagnostic Modules and field installed diagnostic-enabled components, which work to counteract potential faults.

  • The progressive short-circuit protection in the Diagnostic Segment Protector provides outstanding fault isolation.
  • A water sensor can detect even trace amounts of moisture. You can use this sensor in both field instruments and in the fieldbus junction box.
  • Self-monitoring surge protectors help protect the trunk and spur infrastructure. Surge protectors spring into action automatically reporting end of functional reserve in advance of failure, eliminating the need for routine manual checks.
  • New gateways allow fieldbus diagnostics to be carried out on a FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 device. Integrated I/Os allow for economical monitoring of the control box.

A unique technology whose coordinated interaction allows for immediate response to any given fault.