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New FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostic handheld device (FDH-1)

FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostic handheld device (FDH-1)
The FDH-1 fieldbus diagnostic handheld – the portable unit for physical layer monitoring and diagnostics.

The new FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostic handheld device (FDH-1) from Pepperl+Fuchs greatly simplifies fieldbus installation. The mobile device checks any segment quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Loose cable? Faulty field device? The fieldbus diagnostic handheld provides a quick and easy way to detect faults in the fieldbus installation. The mobile device is easy to operate and requires no expert knowledge—just press the button to take a measurement. Before a segment has even been commissioned, the mobile device displays the location of any faults in the installation and how to fix them. This saves time and money, especially since the FDH-1 can check whether existing infrastructure cables can be used for a fieldbus installation to reduce the amount of wiring.

Easy quality assurance with single-click operation

The fieldbus diagnostic handheld makes quality assurance of the fieldbus installation just as straightforward as the commissioning process. The device's simple handling represents a real advantage and no special knowledge is required. As a stand-alone solution, no PC is needed. Instead, the device can be easily connected to any fieldbus segment. Testing begins using "single-click operation."

Integrated expert system provides a comprehensive overview

The new FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostic handheld is similar to a multimeter, but can do so much more. For example, an integrated expert system interprets the measured values. It detects the errors that are present and knows exactly where they are located. It also provides a simple explanation of how to correct the error. In addition, the commissioning wizard ensures that the FDH-1 offers maximum ease of use right from the start with guided dialogs.

Approved use for all hazardous areas

The FDH-1 from Pepperl+Fuchs makes the fieldbus installation simple to handle, providing the ideal basis for fault-free operation and maximum availability of process equipment. The handheld device is approved for use in all hazardous areas and with all types of explosion protection.

Highlights of the fieldbus diagnostic handheld FDH-1

  • Simple quality assurance of the fieldbus infrastructure
  • Portable unit with display for quick physical layer monitoring and diagnostics
  • Easy operation and handling – a test can be initiated with just one button push
  • Embedded expert system providing advice for identification and correction of faults
  • Multi-language support
  • Stand-alone operation – no PC connection required
  • Intrinsically safe fieldbus interface (Ex ia) FISCO; Entity and DART, connects to any point in the infrastructure
  • Operation in Zone 1/Div. 1


Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1

Get the best performance infrastructure with the new Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1