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Reliable Detection of Small Parts on Vibrating Conveyors

ML100-8-HW photoelectric sensor with background evaluation

Compact ML100-8-HW photoelectric sensor with background evaluation
Compact ML100-8-HW photoelectric sensor with background evaluation
In material handling technology, sensing points are often very limited where small parts are being fed in, and the range of parts can vary greatly. Vibrating conveyors are a typical example. In these systems, high sensor performance is necessary to handle many different kinds of objects, from dark black to high gloss, and with or without a highly defined texture. With ML100-8-HW diffuse mode sensors  from Pepperl+Fuchs, you get the ideal sensor solution ensuring reliable detection of small parts on vibrating conveyors.

Reliable object detection in a wide detection range

The compact photoelectric sensor ML100-8-HW is aimed at the background of the vibrating conveyor, which is usually metallic, or at the feed channel. The sensor works like a retroreflective sensor without the need of an additional reflector. As a reference object, it uses the background. The switching point is optimally adjusted via the potentiometer for the distance and the relevant object. Once this adjustment is made, the diffuse mode sensor easily detects dark black, small, or flat plastic parts with great efficiency. The detection range is 5 mm ... 350 mm and covers all common ranges.

The diffuse mode sensor ML100-8-HW reliably detects small dark black plastic parts on the vibrating conveyor.

Space-saving and easy installation

The diffuse mode sensor ML100-8-HW is a miniature photoelectric sensor that is usually mounted facing down on the rolling conveyor or feed rail. Due to its miniature design, it fits neatly into space-critical areas underneath or to the side of this equipment. The photoelectric sensor is very easy to assemble and can be installed at various points along the conveyor. There is no need for any recesses for photoelectric slot sensors.

Reliable detection of small parts in front of a close-proximity background

The triangulation-based ML100-8-HW diffuse mode sensor combines the benefits of a retroreflective sensor with those of a sensor with background suppression. The sensor can be integrated into an application as a self-monitoring system and at the same time achieves precise object detection using a small light spot and small hysteresis. Depending on the set detection range, the photoelectric sensor detects objects of just a few millimeters in size that are positioned in front of a close-proximity background, as well as reflective or dark black objects.

Diffuse mode sensor ML100-8-HW at a glance

  • Diffuse mode sensor with background evaluation
  • Used as retroreflective sensor but without the need of an additional reflector
  • Wide detection range to 350 mm
  • Reliable detection of dark black or reflective as well as flat objects in front of a close-proximity background
  • Space-saving and easy installation due to compact miniature design