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Daisy Chain: Efficient Wiring Method for Control Cabinets


Many different hardware components must be joined together in order to make connection between control cabinet modules possible. If no power supply is available via the DIN rail, the user has to resort to a conventional wiring method, which is very time-consuming and complex. In addition, modules often need to be added, replaced, or removed without interrupting connection between the other devices.


When wiring control cabinet modules, interruption-free and reliable connection between components is crucial. To reduce the complexity of cabling inside the control cabinet, quick and flexible wiring should be possible. Accordingly, the goal is to find a solution that guarantees reliable connection while also providing significant time and cost savings.


This daisy chain model is suitable for use with screw terminals.
This daisy chain model is suitable for use with screw terminals.

With a pre-configured 25-point wiring link, usable for both parallel or common signal connection, the daisy chain allows quick and easy wiring in control cabinets with just a single cable. Using the twist-on connector, the number of connections required can be adjusted at any time: open cable ends and unconnected wires can be isolated, and the daisy chain can be extended by connecting two chains together. This daisy chain model is suitable for use with screw terminals and can be used for control cabinet modules with a width of up to 40 mm.


Thanks to the ability to easily insulate, shorten, or extend the cable, the daisy chain offers an economical and convenient connection method for cabinet components. In contrast to conventional, time-consuming individual wiring of modules, the daisy chain ensures reliable signal connection during installation, removal, or replacement of individual modules.

At a glance

  • Reliable signal connection without complex and time-consuming individual wiring
  • Significantly reduced wiring complexity thanks to 25 pre-configured connection points on a single cable
  • Maximum flexibility: convenient connection, cascading, and insulation with twist-on connectors for multiple uses (ten per package)
  • Conveniently replace, install, or remove individual modules without disrupting wiring