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Accurate detection and distance measurement of the smallest objects


In production plants, products go through different production steps before they are complete. Automated conveyor systems connect individual production lines and transport intermediate products in boxes or trays to the next processing station. In order to make automated processing possible, it is vital that these intermediate products are positioned accurately. Only objects that are in the correct position can be transported along the chain; incorrectly positioned objects have to be separated out and rearranged.


There can be serious consequences in production plants if an object is in the wrong position. Either the object will be processed incorrectly, or the process will be interrupted due to an error message. It is important to quickly and reliably identify and separate incorrectly positioned objects. Inspections often have to rely on the smallest product features, as the objects are very small or modifications cannot be made to the product for technical or optical reasons.

The space available in production facilities may also be cramped and there are often high ambient temperatures between intermediate processing steps. Industrial sensors working in these environments have to be space saving and suitable for wider temperature ranges.


Due to their extremely precise light spot, the R10x series detect the smallest notches.
Due to their extremely precise light spot, the R10x series detect the smallest notches.

The compact distance sensors in the R10x series are ideally suited to this application, as they make use of powerful DuraBeam laser technology. Due to the extremely precise light spot of this technology, even the smallest objects or features can be reliably detected. In combination with the proven Multi Pixel Technology, distances are measured in terms of micrometers. The R10x series photoelectric sensors detect the smallest notches—and even minimal differences in height for marking the correct position of the object. Smooth automated processes are guaranteed.


The R10x series photoelectric sensors offer a variety of technical highlights.
The R10x series photoelectric sensors offer a variety of technical highlights.

DuraBeam combines the strengths of LED sensors and laser sensors. It can be used at temperatures between -40 °C and +60 °C and has a long service life. The small standard design of the R10x photoelectric sensors makes them ideal for use in confined spaces. The compact size of the measurement core enables integration of the proven Multi Pixel Technology to guarantee interference-free and extremely precise distance measurements. The R10x series photoelectric sensors feature an IO-Link interface, which opens up a range of possibilities for simple parameterization, diagnostics, or sensor maintenance. The R100, R101, or R103 variants can be used according to the mounting situation. These variants each offer the same functions and technologies, but different installation concepts.

At a glance

  • Reliable quality control
  • MPT distance measurement in compact standard design
  • Detection of even the smallest objects using extremely precise light spot
  • Innovative DuraBeam laser technology for a long service life and increased operating temperature range
  • IO-Link for simple parameterization, diagnostics, or maintenance
  • Smooth processes


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