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UC-F77 Ultrasonic Sensors—A Series for All Applications


The ultrasonic sensor F77
UC-F77 ultrasonic sensors combine multiple functions in an ultra-compact housing.

Ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are a permanent fixture in the field of industrial automation. With the new UC-F77 series, you can now enjoy the advantages of the technology combined with an unparalleled range of features and adjustment options. This ultrasonic sensor provides a flexible solution for many applications.

"During the development of the UC-F77, it became clear to our team that we were creating a real powerhouse. It's nearly impossible to bring together more functions and performance in such a compact design," says Product Manager Carsten Heim. This "powerhouse" is available in standard or side-looker models. In both versions, the sensor is as small as its detection range is impressive—at 31 mm high, it can detect objects at a distance of up to 800 mm.

Minimal dead band for reliable short-range detection

Even at close range, the sensor's special features make it stand out, according to Heim: "It has an extremely small dead band, meaning even objects in close range can be reliably detected." In addition, the switch points, output mode, output logic, and the sound beam width can be easily adjusted directly on the sensor using the programming button. Due to the interplay of performance over short and long ranges, a compact design, and absolute flexbility, the F77 is suitable for universal use in a wide variety of applications.

Advanced sensor functions ensure complete process reliability

Another competitive aspect is the phenomenal process reliability that it offers: In addition to being able to precisely adjust the sound beam on the device itself or via PACTware™ software, users can also accurately suppress echoes from false targets.  Additionally, the F77 is the only sensor of its size to offer automatic synchronization. This means that there can be up to ten sensors in operation in the same cycle or in multiplex mode without external intervention. This prevents cross-talk between sensors that are mounted closely togeter and ensures the quickest possible response time.

Automatic synchronization allows operation of up to ten F77 ultrasonic sensors mounted closely together—without cross-talk.

Quick commissioning with IO-Link integration

Rounding off the broad range of functions is IO-Link integration, which enables quick commissioning via the control panel and provides access to valuable diagnostic data. "Versatility is the F77's specialty. It is aimed at users who want to handle the largest possible range of applications with a single type of ultrasonic sensor—and in doing so expect the finest granularity when it comes to adjustment options," says Heim.

At a glance

  • Highly adaptable: a single ultrasonic sensor can be adjusted to fit a wide range of applications
  • Precise and reliable: high noise immunity and multiplex capability for maximum reliability
  • Simple integration: compact, space-saving housing design with thru-hole and surface-mount versions
  • Convenient commissioning: intuitive programming via push button or PACTware software
  • Parameterization and control: communication to the sensor level with IO-Link


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