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Ultrasonic Sensors for Collision Avoidance in Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Application

Robotic lawn mowers have become a common sight in private yards and public green spaces. They drastically reduce the time and effort required by manual lawn care. Almost all of these robots feature sophisticated sensor technology that enables autonomous navigation of the largely battery-powered mowers.

The Goal

In order to avoid collisions with stones or toys left lying on the lawn, reliable outdoor collision detection needs to be integrated into the robotic lawn mower as seamlessly as possible. This prevents possible damage to the robot and objects located in its path.

The Solution

Ruggedized ultrasonic sensors build the basis for this solution.
Ruggedized ultrasonic sensors build the basis for this solution.

Due to its weather-resistance, ultrasonic sensor technology is ideal for outdoor applications and offers a reliable detection method. The sensor used in this application can be adapted to changing environments via the robot’s control system and blends into the design of the robotic mower with a customized housing.

The Benefits

The rugged ultrasonic sensor reliably detects objects in the mower’s path without interference from individual blades of grass. If the terrain requires it, the robot’s control system can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors. A tailor-made snap mechanism enables the manufacturer to conveniently integrate the sensor into the robot. The quality of the sensor and signal processing meets the requirements of industrial applications.

At a Glance

  • Rugged and reliable object detection for collision avoidance
  • Suited for outdoor use
  • Tailor-made snap mechanism and customer-specific design for seamless integration

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