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Customized Solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs

Solutions as individual as you are. True to this motto, Pepperl+Fuchs supports its customers with customized solutions in a wide range of industries. This is because standard products from the broad Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio do not always fit the application 100 percent. To ensure that these applications are also solved perfectly, the experts develop an individually adapted product or a precisely fitting overall solution that exactly meets the requirements. Three current examples that Pepperl+Fuchs has implemented in close cooperation with the respective customers show just how diverse such customized solutions are. 

Coupling processes safely monitored

To ensure that a truck's cargo is not lost on the road, the trailer and tractor must be securely connected via the fifth wheel. To reliably monitor the important coupling process, Pepperl+Fuchs has implemented a complete solution consisting of individual sensor technology and components specially developed for the application: Inductive sensors monitor the coupling process at various points and transmit their status to the control unit developed specifically for the customer. The connection technology was specially adapted to the vehicle electronics for this purpose. In the driver's cab, two signal transmitters show the driver the current status of the coupling process both visually and acoustically. Due to this individually developed assistance system, the truck driver now knows exactly when the coupling process is complete and he can start his journey. The manufacturer receives the complete system from a single source and can use it directly via plug-and-play.

Double sensors for all cases

Double sensors are the ideal solution for reliably detecting the position of valves. They combine two inductive sensor elements that detect the position of an actuator and therefore the valve position—open or closed. A customer was looking for a sensor that they could use for position detection across their entire product portfolio and therefore in very different mounting conditions. Pepperl+Fuchs developed a double sensor with an individual housing that fits into each of the customer's control valves. In addition to the size of the electronics, which had to fit into the customized housing, certification for hazardous areas also played a decisive role. The Pepperl+Fuchs team implemented both, so that the customer can now cover its entire portfolio with a single double sensor type. This modular solution significantly reduces the installation effort and therefore lowers costs.

Level control in the tightest of spaces

Ultrasonic sensors are ideal for measuring and monitoring fill levels, as in the application of a Pepperl+Fuchs customer. This customer operates several thousand power generators in his plants worldwide using diesel fuel, which he stores in numerous reserve tanks. In order to accurately monitor the fill levels of the tanks in the future, the customer was looking for a suitable ultrasonic sensor that would transmit the fill levels via a wireless gateway. This was quickly found, but the standard flat cable used for the sensor was not robust enough for the environment. Due to the installation height, a standard connector also proved to be less than ideal. The experts at Pepperl+Fuchs therefore developed a customized housing with a connector outlet on the side. The specially adapted design now allows direct mounting on the metal flange of the fuel tank. Additional protection is also provided by the chemically resistant sensor front.

Collaboration for a customized solution

The examples show: Every customer and every project are individual. Whether a small adaptation of an existing product, a specially developed sensor, or the comprehensive overall solution including certification—the basis of all customized solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs is the close exchange with customers and individual consultation. After all, in order to develop a solution that precisely meets the requirements, understanding the application is just as important as automation know-how. Together with the customer, the experts from Pepperl+Fuchs analyze which option is best suited and work on a solution until it solves the task perfectly. 

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