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The Position Guided Vision (PGV) Ensures Efficiency and Safety in All Processes [Movie]

The new positioning system "Position Guided Vision" (PGV) by Pepperl+Fuchs is the world’s first Data Matrix-based positioning, tracking and control system. Using an advanced industrial 2D camera, the PGV not only guides a carrier along its coded or colored path. It also offers

  • an integral identification solution to initiate starts, stops, and turns and
  • an absolute encoding system capable of positioning the carrier with sub-millimeter precision.

The system features excellent immunity to dirt, scuffing, and ambient light interference. This ensures maximum uptime and system availability.


  • Reliably detects different colored route-tracking tape/paint and Data Matrix codes even on highly reflective surfaces
  • Excellent extraneous light immunity > 100,000 lux, eliminates additional contrast tape
  • Wide scan window coupled with the 2-D Data Matrix technology provides seamless navigation over damaged or dirty tape
  • Compact housing fits in the smallest AGVs
  • Easy mounting and installation with plug-and-play connectivity
  • Compatible with most industrial protocols