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SC-System: compact signal conditioner with high conditioning safety, Rotation speed monitor Rotation speed monitor in the 6 mm enclosure design now with restart inhibit

The SC-System's family of signal conditioners by Pepperl+Fuchs can now be used even more comprehensively: the single rotation speed monitor with just a 6 mm installation width processes digital input signals of all binary sensors currently on the market and is now fitted with a restart inhibit …

(November 2016, PR-2016-29070PA-ENG)

smart HMI The smart HMI system for nonhazardous areas

With the increasing digitization and networking of automation systems, the importance of HMI-based systems is also growing in process automation. The VisuNet GXP from Pepperl+Fuchs represents the new generation of intelligent thin client solutions – innovative and perfectly tailored to the special requirements of Industrie 4.0 …

(November 2016, PR-2016-29065PA-ENG)

Connector box, Wireless Inductive System 2 Wireless Inductive System 2 for Wireless Sensor Connection

The new WIS 2 is the ideal way for Pepperl+Fuchs to round off its portfolio for the wireless connection of sensors to moving machine parts with a higher-performance system. The WIS 2 is used both for signal transmission and for supplying power to the sensors connected to the secondary side, making wear-prone trailing cables and slip rings redundant …

(November 2016, PR-2016-28997FA-ENG)

The SmartBridge-Interface is sending a signal to the cloud based data platform, Field Level Info for I4.0 Field Level Info for I4.0 Solutions

At the SPS IPC Drives trade fair, Pepperl+Fuchs will introduce four solutions that can be used to make information from the field level not only more in-depth, but also available for other levels of automation, as well as for integrated communication within Industrie 4.0. This is possible without any effect on the automation hierarchy …

(November 2016, PR-2016-28995FA-ENG)

The main part of the SmartRunner technology is the laser light section method which is optimal for detection, observation and protection of even small objects, Light Section Sensor, Vision Sensor Light Section and Vision Sensors Perfectly Combined in One Device

The light section sensors from the SmartRunner range uniquely combine a high-precision light section sensor and vision sensor into one compact device. These ready-to-use, plug&play devices from Pepperl+Fuchs are optimized at the factory for a specific field of work …

(November 2016, PR-2016-29061FA-ENG)

The new Ethernet-IO-modules from Pepperl+Fuchs allow an efficient plant design, Multiprotocol Ethernet IO Multiprotocol Ethernet IO module with power plug

The new Ethernet IO modules from Pepperl+Fuchs support all common Ethernet protocols, such as PROFINET, Ethernet IP and EtherCAT. The L-encoded M12 plug, compliant with the power-connection concept newly defined by the PNO, supplies the connected units with currents of up to 16 A with no additional installation needs …

(November 2016, PR-2016-28990FA-ENG)

F31K2 with – 40 °C and 7J impact resistance for outdoor use with Ex-protection, F31K2 Valve position monitoring with the F31K2 – robust outdoor solution with Ex-certification gas and dust zone 2/22

The inductive dual sensor F31K2 is part of the Pepperl + Fuchs portfolio for open solutions for valve position monitoring of quarter-turn actuators. With only two pucks all stem diameter sizes are covered up to 90 mm, so that additional assembly kits and mech. adjustment are unnecessary …

(November 2016, PR-2016-30698FA-ENG)

New F25 with puck+beacon on valve actuator, F25 F25 – new open solution with compact design, fits perfect to valve position detection on small actuators and manual valves

The newest generation of dual sensors F25 made by Pepperl+Fuchs, the market leader for open solutions for valve position detection with inductive sensors, monitors the valve position of manual valves and small actuators by non-contact technology …

(November 2016, PR-2016-30696FA-ENG)

New F25 with 2-wire “low power” electronics, 2-wire DC sensor Inductive 2-wire DC sensors with minimum off-state current

Inductive sensors work without physical contact and are therefore wear-free and more popular than ever. Nevertheless, in many applications limit switches with mechanical contacts are still in use. Technologies that combine the advantages of inductive sensors with the advantages of a mechanical switch will provide the best answer …

(November 2016, PR-2016-30702FA-ENG)

Pepperl+Fuchs joins forces with mobile explosion protection pioneer ecom instruments Pepperl+Fuchs joins forces with mobile explosion protection pioneer ecom instruments

Mannheim, 24th October, 2016 – Pepperl+Fuchs, a globally leading company in explosion protection by intrinsic safety and in industrial sensors, today announced the takeover of ecom instruments GmbH, the world market leader for mobile industrial devices for hazardous areas …

(October 2016, PR-2016-29969PA-ENG)

Explosion Protection Equipment Portfolio Wide Portfolio for Manifold Applications

In explosion hazardous areas the diversity of applications is almost limitless. Pepperl+Fuchs offers optimal solutions for virtually all requirements due to a comprehensive portfolio of explosion-protected components and customized systems.

(October 2016; PR-2016-29520PA)

The Industrial Sensor in the Internet of Things Sensorik 4.0®: Cloud-Based Sensor Services—the Industrial Sensor in the Internet of Things

Networking via the Internet, data from a large number of sensors spread over long distances can be processed centrally and prepared for further processing. Pepperl+Fuchs shows sensor connections to various cloud platforms in a solutions park …

(April 2016; PR-2016-21094FA)

R103 series photoelectric sensors New Future-Oriented Product Architecture Expanded to Include Variant Specifically for the US Market

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the new R103 series. It complements the successful new generation of compact photoelectric sensors already on the market, the R100 and R101 series. The design of the new variant employs an assembly concept widespread in the USA with an M18 thread on the front …

(April 2016; PR-2016-21088FA-ENG)

KE4 speed module and monitor Safe Monitoring of Position and Movement

The KE4 speed module and monitor from Pepperl+Fuchs enables safe, simultaneous monitoring of speed and position. The compact solution offers numerous interfaces and protocols for universal use in a range of safety architectures, including AS-Interface …

(April 2016; PR-2016-20615FA-ENG)

UMB800 ultrasonic sensor Compact Ultrasonic Sensor in Solid Stainless Steel—EHEDG-Certified Devices for Hygiene Applications

The UMB800 from Pepperl+Fuchs is the world's smallest ultrasonic sensor in solid stainless steel. It is made entirely from FDA-compliant materials. With its large detection range and very compact design, it opens up new automation possibilities in hygienic applications …

(April 2016; PR-2015-15820FA-ENG)

Thin Client Solution VisuNet RM GXP Extra Smart for Industry 4.0

The goal is to offer users solutions that meet all the challenges of Industry 4.0. With this in mind, Pepperl+Fuchs continues to lead the way in developing innovative technologies. The most recent example is now being shown at the Hannover Messe trade fair: the smart thin client solution VisuNet RM GXP with new RM Shell 4.1 …

(April 2016; PR-2016-21276PA-ENG)                                                                                         

Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment

Pepperl+Fuchs was awarded the status of ‘Qualified Potential Supplier’ by TOTAL S.A., the fourth-largest global oil and gas company with operations in more than 130 countries. The scope of qualification covers junction boxes, control panels and components for electrical installations in hazardous areas …

(April 2016; PR-2016-21273PA-ENG)

WirelessHART adapter Flexible WirelessHART Adapter

Pepperl+Fuchs has expanded its WirelessHART product range to include the BULLET WirelessHART adapter. This adapter makes it possible to communicate data including measurements, diagnostics, and parameterization from 4 mA … 20 mA and HART field devices in a completely wireless process.

(April 2016; PR-2016-21269PA-ENG)

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