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safePXV and safePGV
SIL 3/PL e Absolute Positioning Systems

Maximum Safety—A Good Feeling

Safety applications according to "SIL 3/PL e" require strict compliance with the highest safety directives in order to optimally protect humans and machines at all times. While this safety level was previously associated with high cost and time investment, users now realize it more simply than ever before—with our new and worldwide unique "safePXV" and "safePGV" positioning systems.

Based on a multi-redundant technology, these systems enable safe absolute positioning according to SIL 3/PL e with one single sensor for the first time. safePXV offers the perfect solution for linear absolute positioning; safePGV for reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Rely on this innovative sensor technology for maximum safety!

A Real Innovation

Safe absolute positioning according to SIL 3/PL e with only one single sensor
Multiple-redundant technology combines safe firmware, 2-D read head, and two-color Data Matrix code band
Direct and safe data transfer to safety PLC via PROFINET PROFIsafe protocol—without any additional function block needed
Compliance with the Machinery Directive in order to protect human and machine is easier than ever


Maximum Safety and Efficiency

Maximum Safety and Efficiency

With the safePXV and safePGV positioning systems, a single sensor delivers safe data according to SIL 3/PL e to the safety PLC. The new safety solution easily meets the safety requirements and operates efficiently. Make no compromises when it comes to safety!
Innovative Technology and High Flexibility

Innovative Technology and High Flexibility

The new positioning systems are based on a proven, innovative technology. Due to their multiple redundancies, extended scan window, and great depth of focus, safePXV and safePGV are highly durable and flexible. Rely on the most modern positioning systems on the market!
Convenient and Quick Assembly

Convenient and Quick Assembly

The Data Matrix code band is self-adhesive and is available in customized lengths. The read head may be approximately aligned to the code band. Due to the sensor‘s wide scan window and great depth of focus, a complex and exact camera alignment is not necessary. Enjoy quick and easy assembly!
Commissioning via Plug&Play

Commissioning via Plug&Play

The 2-D camera can be easily parameterized with PROFINET-GSDML file via the safety PLC. Fieldbus variants are directly via controller. Additionally, interfaces integrated in the sensor’s housing facilitate system integration. Benefit from easy commissioning!

High-End Technology

Safe data directly from the sensor

safePGV and safePXV positiong systems

The 2-D read head of the new absolute positioning systems reads the color codes of the Data Matrix code band. The innovative firmware processes the received information based on a safe algorithm in the sensor and forwards it as safe data according to SIL 3/PL e to the safety PLC. You achieve this high safety level for the first time with a single sensor.

Multiple-redundant and flexible

safePGV and safePXV positioning systems

Using Data Matrix codes as information carriers allows data to be redundantly mapped. The wide scan window provides additional redundancy by reading up to five Data Matrix codes in a single read operation. The positioning systems ensure reliable positioning even if multiple codes are dirty or damaged. Tight curve radius, strong ascents and strong descents, and line breaks of up to 75 mm are not an obstacle—on a unique distance of up to 100,000 m!

The New Generation of Positioning Systems on YouTube

With the new positioning systems, Pepperl+Fuchs sets new standards in terms of reliability, noise immunity, and handling.
But what exactly distinguishes this sensor generation? In this YouTube video, you see its specifics using concrete application examples (the values shown are purely fictitious).

Versatile Safety Applications

safePXV—Safe Positioning

safePXV positioning system

The safePXV positioning system offers unparalleled reliability for linear absolute positioning. Due to its easy handling, it is suitable for a variety of different applications. The image shows the safePXV ensuring exact positioning of monorail conveyors in a production line. Additionally, it is used for stacker cranes in material handling, rotary tables, or for elevators and wind turbines.

safePGV—Safe Navigation

safePGV—Safe Navigation

In addition to absolute positioning, the safePGV positioning system provides all data needed to reliably control AGVs. These are used in production lines in automotive industry. By transmitting Y position and angle, track deviations can be continuously corrected. Due to the safe X position, safePGV ensures the safety distance between the AGVs and thus protects personnel.

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