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Security Update for VisuNet RM Shell 4 and VisuNet RM Shell 5


Thin Client Update

Potentially dangerous vulnerabilities in the Windows® operating system, known as "DejaBlue," can have serious consequences for Remote Desktop Service users. In response, Microsoft® has released the appropriate security patches for Windows users.

Since the Remote Desktop Service is disabled at the time of delivery, VisuNet remote monitors (thin clients) from Pepperl+Fuchs are not affected by these vulnerabilities by default. The current security gaps pose no risk if this setting is not changed.

If you are using the VisuNet RM Shell 5 or VisuNet RM Shell 4 firmware and use the Remote Desktop Service, however, Pepperl+Fuchs strongly recommends installing the new security update. Download the update for the version of VisuNet RM Shell you currently use to continue to protect your soft- and hardware against external influences.

In general, we recommend the installation of available security patches.

Updates for Your Version of VisuNet RM Shell

Please note that installation of security patches can take several hours.

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