Digitalizing hazardous areas.
Enabling connectivity.
Enhancing mobility.

Smart-Ex 02—the State-of-the-Art Smartphone for Global Hazardous Areas

Experience Uncompromising Mobility

The new Smart-Ex® 02 is the next generation of rugged, intrinsically safe smartphones for hazardous areas and harsh industrial environments from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom. Developed completely in-house, the smartphone has a large 5-inch display, an ergonomic designadvanced features, and optimized accessories, making digital applications mobile beyond company boundaries. Global frequency bands and certifications, along with a high-performance operating system, allow users a wide range of applications worldwide.

Whether used as a smartphone, PDA, scanner, or camera—the Smart-Ex 02 facilitates mobile workers' day-to-day activities anytime and anywhere. Experience the future-proof solution that opens up new possibilities for Industry 4.0 applications.

Highlights of Smart-Ex 02

It will be the first ATEX/IECEx certified Zone 1 smartphone to meet the Android Enterprise Recommended standard
Ultra-rugged five-inch display and ergonomic design increase flexibility
21 LTE capable, unlocked, and SIM-free smartphone for flexible usage around the world
Designed for use in harsh industrial environments and extended temperature ranges
Alto rendimiento con el sistema operativo Android 11 y la batería de 4400 mAh reemplazable más potente del mercado.


Complete Mobility Anytime and Anywhere

Complete Mobility Anytime and Anywhere

The Smart-Ex 02 is equipped with a large 5-inch multi-touch display made of tough impact and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass® 2. The high resolution display is always easy to use, whether wearing dirty gloves or having wet finger. Even extended temperature ranges and direct sunlight do not affect its readability. Make your digital applications mobile, no matter the conditions!
Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

As a Google-certified device, the Smart-Ex 02 smartphone meets all requirements for industrial use and allows access to various apps for greater productivity, transparency, and safety. It will be the first ATEX/IECEx certified Zone 1 smartphone to meet the Android Enterprise Recommended standard. Programmable keys can be configured specifically to the user.
Versatile Applications Worldwide

Versatile Applications Worldwide

The intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 02 series was developed based on market and future requirements. It supports 21 LTE frequency bands and comes with all relevant approvals and certifications for global use in harsh industrial environments and hazardous areas up to Zone 1/21, 2/22 and Division 1/2. Realize versatile mobile applications all over the world!
Service and Support from the Experts

Service and Support from the Experts

With a global network and more than 30 years of experience in explosion protection, our experts are always nearby and ready to support you with in-depth knowledge. Since the Smart-Ex 02 was developed in-house, our own software development and application engineering teams work independently from external partners. Benefit from individualized service and faster response times!

360°—Discover the Smart-Ex 02

Más flexibilidad y mayor productividad

El smartphone Smart-Ex® 02 es una solución de desarrollo completamente innovadora y adaptada a las necesidades del mercado.
Su diseño ergonómico y su interfaz de usuario intuitiva proporcionan una experiencia de usuario óptima. La ubicación de las teclas del control de volumen y del obturador de la cámara
contribuye a que el Smart-Ex® 02 sea fácil de usar. Las teclas programables por el usuario pueden configurarse según los requisitos específicos del cliente.

Productos y servicios digitales

Nuestros productos y servicios digitales constituyen una solución que combina la configuración automatizada con la gestión de dispositivos móviles y el análisis de dispositivos. También se pueden implementar a modo de sistema integral de gestión de movilidad empresarial, si así lo desea.

A petición del cliente, los dispositivos móviles de ecom pueden salir de fábrica con configuraciones personalizadas predefinidas, que incluyen ajustes de seguridad, aplicaciones y configuración inalámbrica. De esta manera, los dispositivos pueden implementarse en cualquier parte del mundo inmediatamente después de su entrega. Los dispositivos pueden gestionarse a través de la plataforma en línea de ecom y actualizarse a distancia en cualquier momento durante el funcionamiento, sin necesidad de intervención del personal de TI local o de la oficina central.

Además, la plataforma analiza datos históricos para identificar eventos críticos de software, instalaciones y otros procesos decisivos para la seguridad. Se puede utilizar una acumulación estadística de eventos para establecer causas y correlaciones, por ejemplo, entre los errores de software, los datos geográficos y la cobertura Wi-Fi.


Vea el vídeo para obtener más información sobre el servicio listo para usar que garantiza calidad y seguridad para todos los dispositivos.

Mobile Worker Concept

Pepperl+Fuchs offers a range of perfectly coordinated peripherals, accessories and software solutions as an ideal complement to the Smart-Ex 02 intrinsically safe smartphone. Each individual mobile worker solution combines uncompromised safety with the highest level of functionality—including all necessary approvals and certificates for worldwide use.

The mobile worker concept allows consistent networking and collaboration between mobile personnel, the control room, and backend systems. Users in the field can capture on-site data and location details and share it with others in real-time.

These synergies open up completely new, innovative applications and efficient total solutions that give users a competitive edge essential for Industry 4.0.

Mobile Worker Concept

Android Enterprise Recommended

To make it easier for (industrial) companies to find suitable smartphones, Google has been offering an Android Enterprise Recommended verification since 2018.

Devices and services that have such verification meet the business needs of partners trained and supported by Google itself. With the standard, Google establishes consistent device provisioning, management and maintenance, enabling users to reduce time and support costs. Regular security patches provided within 90 days ensure that Android devices are always up to date.

Android Enterprise Recommended Logo


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