Just a Bit of Protection—No Such Thing!

The New Door Protection Sensor

Complete Protection for Automatic Doors

An isn’t-stylish-and-doesn’t-protect-you bike helmet, an I-think-I’d-rather-not-crash airbag, and a well-at-least-it’s-round life saver—perfect examples that nothing should be just a little safe! The same applies to automatic door protection. Our new door protection sensor ensures complete safety for your swing doors and revolving doors in accordance with EN16005. Learn more about the new sensor generation that combines cutting-edge technology, modern design, and intuitive installation.

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Reliable Protection at All Times

Reliable Protection at All Times

The door protection sensor monitors the entire door leaf as well as the main and secondary closing edges with only one module per side. It works precisely and reliably with advanced time-of-flight technology—even with polished floors, extraneous light, and reflections.
Silent Operation and Increased Longevity

Silent Operation and Increased Longevity

The new door protection sensor from Pepperl+Fuchs is based on static time-of-flight sensor technology with no moving parts. This prevents friction and wear, increasing longevity and limiting operation noise.
Compact, Low-Profile Housing Design

Compact, Low-Profile Housing Design

The door protection sensor with IP65 rating features slim housing design. Its cover with integrated seal can be removed without any tools and reliably deflects raindrops. Users can choose from different color options, making the module virtually invisible in any door frame.
Easy Assembly and Installation

Easy Assembly and Installation

The door protection sensor can be mounted left- or right-justified next to or under slide rails. Corner mounting makes it easier to route cables to the door control. Users can quickly and intuitively commission the device via gesture control for field adjustment, simple tilt adjustment, and dynamic protective field adjustment.
Product Study Position Detection Sensor

Proven Time-of-Flight Technology

The new sensor for door protection uses time-of-flight technology. This calculates distance based on the travel time of a beam of light and allows safe and millimeter-accurate measurements with high repeat accuracy and short response times. The sensor monitors the main closing edge, the door leaf, and the secondary closing edge with three beam areas. It reliably detects if a person or small object interrupts the protective beams. Depending on the height and width of the door to be protected, the beam path adapts to the door conditions.

Functionalities at a Glance

Full Protection with One Sensor
The entire door leaf can be secured with just one sensor on each side of the door, regardless of the width of the door leaf. For this purpose, the sensor opens one scan zone each for the main closing edge (blue), the door leaf (yellow), and the secondary closing edge (green).
Protecting Main Closing Edge
This scan area protects the zone in front of the opening side of the door. The handle is detected so that it is not an obstacle.
Protecting the Door Leaf
This beam path secures the leaf of the automatic door. The door stops moving immediately if the protective field is interrupted by a person or an object.
Protecting the Secondary Closing Edge
This beam area surrounds the secondary closing edge. The specially shaped monitoring field provides rear grip protection between the door frame and the hinge side.
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