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Tab-Ex® 01 Series Explosion-proof Tablet Computers


Mobility in hazardous areas boosts efficiency

Tab-Ex® 01 Series Explosion-proof Tablet Computers
Discover the Tab-Ex® 01 series tablet computers

In cooperation with Samsung, ecom has developed the Tab-Ex® 01 series—the world's first tablet computers for use in Zone 1/Division 1, Zone 2/Division 2 and harsh industrial environments. Using the explosion-proof Tab-Ex® 01, mobile users can quickly and efficiently complete tasks at any time in any location. They can retrieve data in real-time and interact with remote experts and backend systems. These tablet computers offer completely new possibilities for mobile workers.

New paths through innovation and flexibility

The Tab-Ex® 01 is lightweight and compact. It is the ideal companion for tasks like asset surveys, material tracking, and inspection. The 8-inch screen tablet enables mobile use of numerous applications in hazardous areas, allowing workers to retrieve and exchange data across different backend systems. Additionally, optional integrated cameras allow mobile workers to capture errors that may occur during maintenance, discuss them with experts, and intervene purposefully.

Based on this networked operation, users take full advantage of modern digital communication:

  • More effective mobile worker collaboration
  • Faster decision paths
  • Increased data quality for work in hazardous areas

Safety first

ecom's hazardous area tablet, the Tab-Ex®, brings new customer focused solutions and improved ease of use to mobile workers in Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and other industries with hazardous areas.

The Tab-Ex® 01 is the world’s first intrinsically safe mobile device. It offers maximum performance and complete safety in hazardous areas—even in the event of failure. At any time, the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active platform, which the Tab-Ex® series is based on, ensures top-tier data security. This platform provides compatibility with a wide range of preloaded applications for a safer work environment, including unparalleled security functions like device encryption, MDM, VPN, and secure connectivity (Samsung KNOX™).

Ultra-rugged and tough

The explosion-proof Tab-Ex® 01 is designed, built, and tested to withstand everyday use in hazardous and harsh environments. This video shows an excerpt from the test procedures performed on the tablet in order to receive the ATEX Zone 1/21,  Division 1 certificates.

All-round mobility with mobile worker concept

As an ideal complement to the Tab-Ex® tablet computer, ecom offers a range of perfectly matched peripherals and accessories suitable for worldwide use in Zone 1 / Division 1, Zone 2 / Division 2, and harsh industrial environments. Each individual solution combines uncompromised safety with the highest level of functionality—including all necessary approvals and certificates for the specific application.

Tab-Ex® 01 at a glance

  • Certified for Zone 1/Division 1, Zone2 /Division 2, and harsh industrial environments
  • Comprehensive security with Samsung KNOX™
  • Integrated cameras for video call and recording of fault images (optional)
  • Convenient 8-inch display
  • Powerful battery for a long runtime
  • Suitable for use with gloves
  • Numerous connectivity options for wireless applications
  • Comprehensive product portfolio including matching peripherals and accessories
  • Service Level Agreement over 3 years (optional)


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