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IO-Link—The Intelligent Communication Technology

Sensors and actuators are rapidly evolving. They are no longer just transferring data via standard binary and analog interfaces, but are also becoming more and more intelligent because of incorporated microprocessors. These lay the groundwork for additional device intelligence that transcends the actual sensor function. In addition to transferring measured values and switching signals, IO-Link sensors can store parameters and deliver additional information on things like signal quality and device status.

The option of changing parameter settings during operation creates considerable system flexibility and makes production in batch size 1 economically feasible.

IO-Link is a globally standardized, manufacturer-independent communication technology for sensors and actuators. It meets the IEC 61131-9 standard and is compatible with any fieldbus on the market. Even the simplest sensors and actuators can provide switching signals, identification, and diagnostic data across the entire plant structure via a standard, unshielded three-core cable. This creates consistent, bidirectional communication between the control system and the lowest sensor/actuator level.

IO-Link System Description


Whitepaper: IO-Link-Systembeschreibung Download Now

In this Whitepaper, learn more about the IO-Link technology.


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Pepperl+Fuchs IO-Link Sistem Çözümleri

Uluslararası standartlaştırılmış, çapraz satıcılı açık arayüz IO-Link, Pepperl+Fuchs Sensorik4.0® çözümlerinin bütünleyici bir parçasıdır. Akıllı iletişim teknolojisi hakkında daha fazla bilgi...