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Universal Vision Sensors

Flexibly Combinable Vision Tool Set

Industrial applications require a high degree of flexibility and an equally low susceptibility to errors—whether in machine and plant construction, conveyor technology or the packaging industry. When used in these applications, the flexibly combinable 2-D vision sensors of the VOS series provide fast and reliable measurement results and enable precise quality control and inspection. The universal sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications that usually require a complex vision system:

  • Positioning and guiding of objects
  • Detection and matching of features
  • Optical measurement
  • Reading of 1-D/2-D codes, and text recognition (OCR)

The portfolio includes several variants: In addition to integrated illumination, the VOS1000 and VOS2000 vision sensors also have a mechanically adjustable focus, which enables flexible measuring distances. Therefore, the compact cameras solve all standard applications with incident light. The VOS2000 and VOS5000 sensors, on the other hand, as models with C-mount connection for external lenses, are suitable for measuring tasks with more complex illumination scenarios as well as for applications with longer measuring distances that require additional illumination. Due to exchangeable lenses, the measuring field size of the C-mount models can also be precisely adapted to the selected measuring distance.

VOS 2-D Universal Vision Sensors

Get more information about the VOS 2-D universal vision sensors which combine license-free software and modular hardware.