Intelligent Surge Protection M-LB-5000
NEW: Simple Surge Protection M-LB-2000


Power Surge—The No. 1 Underestimated Cause of Damage

Overvoltages due to lightning strikes or switching operations are one of the most common causes of electronic damage. The process industry is vulnerable, as these surge events can cause devastating damage: from fires, damage to or destruction of expensive components and machines, to breakdown of complete automation systems—not including risks to personnel. That’s why surge protection concepts are crucial to have in your plant!

Based on 20 years of experience, Pepperl+Fuchs has acquired significant engineering know-how in surge protection. Combined with our expertise in explosion protection, analog technology, and interface modules, we developed the 6.2 mm pluggable surge protection system M-LB-5000, which offers much more than the pure protection function. Achieve a new level of reliability and performance in your plant!


Worldwide, there are about 40 to 50 lightning strikes every second, or nearly 1.4 billion strikes per year.
Lightning often strikes the same place repeatedly. The Empire State Building is hit an average of 23 times each year.
Lightning can cause dangerously high potential differences up to 2 km away from its impact point.
Lightning costs more than $1 billion in insured losses each year!
Lightning is ultrahot! A strike can heat the air around it to temperatures five times hotter than the sun’s surface.

Use Cases—Benchmarks in Surge Protection

The surge protection system M-LB-5000 reliably protects high-value components and plant assets from overvoltage and surge currents. For the first time, the module offers a unique combination of diagnostics and modularity within a narrow housing design of only 6.2 mm wide. In this video, you will see how the new system facilitates surge protection while ensuring greater efficiency, flexibility, and maximum availability to your process plant assets.

The Easiest Way to Protect Plant Assets

Checking health of surge protection module

The protection module's traffic light display shows status information and is easy to read and understand. Using the Power Rail, status information can be forwarded to the control level. Planning and maintenance personnel can check the health of the surge protection module at any time—no additional tools are needed. Entering the plant or switch cabinet is not necessary.

Exchanging modules during operation

The new surge protection system M-LB-5000 includes a base module and a pluggable protection module. This allows users to easily exchange modules during operation. If the protection module is removed and re-inserted with 180° rotation, the signal circuit is interrupted by the integrated disconnect function. This loop disconnect feature allows isolation testing as well as loop monitoring during commissioning.

Upgrading existing equipment

When upgrading existing equipment, the compact housing design allows easy and space-neutral replacement of marshalling terminals with surge components. User-friendly mechanics allow operational staff to conveniently install the modules without any additional wiring effort.

A Flash of Inspiration

Team spirit and continuous ambition enabled the development team at Pepperl+Fuchs to develop the extrem compact surge protection module M-LB-5000 that reliably protects processes and plants from overvoltage. In this video, three colleagues talk about the requirements, the beginnings, and the result of the project ...

M-LB-5000 in a Nutshell

The M-LB-5000 surge protection system protects high-value machines and plant components against dangerous overvoltage and current peaks. In this video, Friedrich Füß, Product Portfolio Manager Interface Technology at Pepperl+Fuchs, demonstrates this module offering a unique combination of diagnostics and modularity within 6.2 mm housing …

Benefits of M-LB-5000

Reliable Diagnostics Inside

Reliable Diagnostics Inside

Continuous self-monitoring with status indicator shows users the optimum time to replace modules. This allows predictive maintenance while reducing operational costs. Reach the highest level of surge protection in your process plant!
Easy Handling via Plug&Play

Easy Handling via Plug&Play

The modular design of the M-LB-5000 system allows users to quickly exchange pluggable surge protection modules during operation—without any interruption of the signal circuit. Benefit from fast and tool-free installation, commissioning, and maintenance!
Space-Saving Housing Design

Space-Saving Housing Design

With a width of just 6.2 mm, the new M-LB-5000 surge protection modules provide the highest packing density and reduce installation space to a minimum. Gain more flexibility while significantly reducing space in your switch cabinet!
Flexible Applications Worldwide

Flexible Applications Worldwide

The M-LB-5000 surge protection system is developed based on market and future requirements. Certified according to international standards, it enables smooth operations worldwide. Iincrease flexibility in your applications and rely on the support of our experts!

360° - Explore the Surge Protection M-LB-5000

M-LB-2000―Simple Surge Protection

M-LB-2000 surge protection module
The M-LB-2000 comes with basic features. Its compact 6.2 mm housing is designed for DIN rail mounting, and its integrated loop disconnect function simplifies troubleshooting in the event of a fault. The M-LB-2000 with added surge protection is perfect for use in junction boxes with limited space or as a space-neutral upgrade from knife disconnect terminal blocks.
Surge Protection by Pepperl+Fuchs

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