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VDM 28 – The Universal Sensor for Measuring and Monitoring

Distance measurement sensor VDM28

Distance measurement sensor VDM28
Distance measurement sensor VDM28

The new, small VDM28 distance sensor uses Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) to move it to the front of the market ahead of all comparable sensors from a performance point of view.

It is integrated into a compact housing from the standard series 28 sensor range. The universal VDM28 distance sensor can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

  • The smallest distance measurement sensor for use as a measuring sensor with PRT (Pulse Ranging Technology)
  • Low-cost distance measurement sensor in standard photoelectric-sensor enclosure, Installation compatibility with common standard sensors
  • Measurement range of up to 50 m at repeatability of 5 mm
  • Unique measuring result even at multiple targets in the measurement area
  • Measuring results independent on color of target
  • Extremely fast (10 ms)
  • Red laser as the light emitter, Versions with Laser class 1 or 2
  • Versions with analogue output or IO-Link interface for servicing and process data
  • Suitable for deep-freeze applications (-30°C)

CE cULus Schutzklasse 2 IO-Link