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Modular Photoelectric Sensors Relay Bases

MP series relay bases

Modular Photoelectric Sensors Relay Bases
MP series photoelectric relay bases

The MP series modular sensors include AC DPDT and SPDT relay bases. The MP family enables users to customize a sensing solution for almost any application. Each component of this series is sold separately. These sensors are designed for harsh duty. The MP series rugged IP69K housing can withstand up to a 1200-psi washdown. The modular design allows for exchangeable rotatable heads, limit switch and plug-in bases, and screw terminal, preleaded, and connector version receptacles. Multifunction timer/logic cards are also available. Outputs are dependent on the base selected. Every head needs an MP series base to operate, and each base, except SPDT relay and mini style, requires a receptacle.

To build an MP series sensor, three components must be selected. First, a head must be chosen, then a base, and then a receptacle. The type of head and the desired output type determine which MP series base should be used. The AC double pull double throw (DPDT) relay base has a 5 A rating. The single pull double throw (SPDT) relay bases have a 6 A rating. These are very powerful bases and are compatible with the NBB13 side and top model inductive proximity sensors.

AC DPDT relay bases

  • MPSD11HD: 92-132 VAC, output indicator

Compatible Receptacles

  • MPB23
  • MPB24

SPDT relay bases

  • MPV31HD: 10-30 VDC
  • MPV11HD: 103-132 VAC
  • MPV12HD: 20-260 VAC
  • MPV13HD: 22-26 VAC

No Receptacle needed.