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Glass Fiber Optic Cables For SU15-K, SU16, SU17, SU17.1, and ML17-LL

Glass thru-beam mode photoelectric fiber optic cables

Glass thru-beam mode photoelectric fiber optic cables
Glass Thru-Beam Fiber Optic Cable

Our photoelectric fiber optic cables include glass thru-beam mode cables, which are compatible with all SU15-K, SU16, SU17, SU17.1, and ML17-LL amplifiers. Fiber optic cables are a sensible solution for applications involving small targets or unfavorable conditions. When the fiber optic cables are attached to the compatible sensor/amplifier, they guide light from the sensing head to and from the sensor. Pepperl+Fuchs offers both diffuse mode and thru-beam mode cables available in both glass and plastic. The cable type, not the sensor, determines the sensing characteristics.

Glass fiber optics are constructed from tiny strands of glass that are bundled together inside an application-specific sheath. Pepperl+Fuchs offers four standard types of sheaths: stainless steel, silicone, PVC and metal silicone. The diameter of the glass fiber optic cables is generally larger than plastic and provides a longer sensing range. The robust mechanical design of the stainless steel sheathing can withstand temperatures as high as 482 °C. Due to the selection of different end-fitting-heads, combined with the appropriate sheathing material, a solution can be found for every application. This sensing mode thru-beam mode uses two separate cables connected to one sensor. One cable emits light and the other receives light. Thru-beam sensing is much more efficient than diffuse mode sensing. Large sensing distances can be achieved using this method. The available SU15-K, SU16, SU17, SU17.1, and ML17-LL compatible thru-beam mode glass cables are shown below.

Thru-Beam Mode Glass Cables

  • HPF-DO20-H: Array sensing head
  • HPF-D052-H: Cylindrical sensing head
  • HPF-D055-H: Right angle sensing head
  • HPF-D056-H: Bendable sensing head