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Miniature 8mm X-Series Pile Driver™ Extended Range Proximity Sensors

All-stainless steel 8mm inductive proximity sensors deliver precise target control and reliable operation in harsh applications

8 mm diameter X-Series Pile Driver™ extended range inductive sensor
8 mm diameter X-Series Pile Driver™ extended range inductive sensor

X-Series Pile Driver™ extended range inductive sensors are now available in 8 mm diameter models. With barrel lengths as short as 35 mm, these miniature sensors deliver a 3 mm sensing range – 50 percent more range than is available from larger competitive 12 mm diameter models. As a result, 8 mm diameter, extended range Pile Driver sensors eliminate the need to sacrifice sensing range or durability.  Like all Pile Driver sensors, its robust, single-piece machined barrel is fully embeddable in steel, making it an ideal sensing solution for the toughest metal-forming and welding applications.

The 100% stainless steel housings deliver durability more than 20 times that of the competition’s brass and plastic housings, and Black Armor™ coated weld-immune models are available to repel even the hottest slag particles.  Pigtail-connect versions feature integral high-visibility power supply and target presence LEDs.  X-Series Pile Driver extended range inductive sensors are also available in 12 mm, 18 mm, and 30 mm diameters to deliver sensing ranges of 5 mm, 10 mm, or 15 mm – up to 2.5 times longer range than traditional inductive sensors

“An inductive proximity sensor's detection range is a function of its size.  Larger styles inherently offer longer sensing ranges than smaller, less powerful models.  When selecting a proximity sensor, smaller versions aren't typically chosen due to their limited sensing range,” says Marcel Ulrich, Product Manager, Pepperl+Fuchs.  “Instead, restricted mounting space often forces machine designers to reluctantly accommodate the limited distance.  The drawback to short sensing distances is clear; a closely mounted, loose-tolerance target is more likely to impact and damage the sensor, causing downtime.  Additionally, loose or irregularly-shaped targets can also generate erroneous part counts as they enter and exit the sensing field.”
X-Series Pile Driver’s extended sensing field is a big benefit in automotive manufacturing applications, as it enables reliable detection of irregularly shaped contours, and increased sensor-to-target distances help eliminate contact-related scuffing of “Class A” hood, door and trunk surfaces.  Weld-immune models are uniquely capable of providing long-range part detection with full immunity to both AC and DC weld fields, and repelling weld splatter.

“X-Series Pile Drivers have an up-front cost that is only 35-40% higher than a traditional plastic-faced sensor.  So if a sensing application averages even one contact-related failure per year, the X-Series Pile Driver will more than pay for itself in reduced sensor replacement costs and inventory, and increased machine uptime and throughput,” says Ulrich.

X-Series Pile Driver sensors can detect all metals.  Advanced circuitry enables restriction-free mounting while delivering the highest available immunity to the effects of industrial noise and temperature extremes.