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The AS-Interface G10 Safety Module Features a Design That Is Small, Smart, and Modular

Utilizes the "less Is better" philosophy

Pepperl+Fuchs presents the newest member to the AS-Interface family—the G10 safety module! It's the world's smallest, full-featured, IP67, AS-Interface safety module. This ultra-compact safety module fits into every cable duct and is very easy to mount. And because it connects directly to any conventional safety device, additional connection lines are eliminated. The modularity of the G10 module transforms any conventional safety device into an AS-Interface solution, saving stock and costs.

The design of the G10 safety module follows the “less is better” philosophy that Pepperl+Fuchs has taken with several other AS-Interface module designs. Everything that serves little purpose and could only confuse installers has been eliminated from the design. Systems built with the G10 safety module are up and running faster because costly troubleshooting is eliminated.

All Advantages of G10 safety module at a glance:


Worldwide smallest AS-Interface safety module with IP67 protection


Easy mounting: Insert flat cable, close the module and secure mounting screw. Done


Fits easily into the cable duct, the flat cable remains in the cable tray at all times


Direct connection to any conventional safety device eliminates cordsets and associated costs


Transforms any conventional safety device into an AS-Interface solution – Many integrated AS-Interface safety devices will be superfluous.
The modular concept “G10 safety plus safety devices” reduces type diversity and inventory.