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New Magnetic Absolute Rotary Encoder Technology


Magnetic Precision. Under any Condition.

New magnetic absolute encoder technology
The new magnetic rotary encoder is highly precise.

The new magnetic rotary encoders are very reliable even under harsh industrial environments. They operate on the basis of an extremely effective magnetic detection principle and have proven to be ideal for use anywhere challenging ambient conditions due to dust, liquids, temperature, vibrations, or shocks are present. The new magnetic rotary encoder technology is extremely robust and guarantees a long service life.

High precision – small housing

Rotary encoders are suitable for measuring the rotation, angular speed, or position of moving parts in a wide range of areas. In comparison to other magnetic encoders the new magnetic encoder family offers unique robustness and precision. They achieve precisions of 1° to 0.1°, singleturn resolutions of up to 16 Bit Singleturn, and a multiturn resolution of up to 39 Bit.

Besides high reliability and a long service life the new magnetic encoder technology makes smaller housings possible. A Wiegand wire for multiturn and Hall sensor for singleturn is included on a single PCB. This enables compact singleturn absolute rotary encoders to be created up to 36 mm housing.

Many applications

  • General engineering
    Precise position and speed measuring
    Compact housing for applications in medical technology and laboratories
  • Mobile equipment
    Perfect for applications under difficult environmental conditions, like dust, liquids, temperature, vibration, or shocks
  • Wind industry
    Precise control of the rotor blades pitch angle (pitch control) in wind power systems or monitoring the position of the nacelle (azimuth angle)

Highlights at a glance

  • Non-contact technology for high reliability 
  • High precision from 1° to 0.1° 
  • Robust design for applications in harsh environments 
  • Long service life and reduced service times 
  • Compact design for many applications