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Measuring Light Grid LGM


Measuring with intelligence

The measuring LGM light grids
The LGM measuring light grids relieve the user from performing complex single-beam evaluations

The days of complex single-beam evaluations for standard tasks and cumbersome configuration are over. The new LGM Series measuring light grid is the latest member in the Pepperl+Fuchs family of automation light grids. What makes this product stand head and shoulders above other measuring light grids on the market are the 16 predefined measuring options that are integrated into the unit. Users can select the optimum mode for their application from the evaluation methods and receive direct measured values in millimeters, such as the object height, lowest or highest object position, sum, average, etc.

IO-Link provides measurement output data in millimeters

The measurement values are digitally transmitted at extremely fast cycle times, even with beam crossover activated, using IO-Link, which enables convenient commissioning and maintenance from the control level. Parameterization and configuration are completed via a PC—no external programmer, no additional software.

Setting new standards

The LGM measuring light grid is available with various resolutions and field heights up to 3200 mm, permitting large measuring ranges. The light grids have an ultra-low profile to fit into tight spaces. Innovative, tool-free mounting accessories make installation, alignment, and replacement fast and easy. The IP67 aluminum housing withstands harsh environmental conditions even at cold-storage temperatures. These measuring light grids set new standards with their compact design, functionality, and unique price/performance ratio.