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Uniquely Useful - The Multi-Ray LED Scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor) R2100


A Distance Ahead - with Pulse Ranging Technology from Pepperl+Fuchs

Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100
Multi-Ray LED Scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor) R2100

Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) is an innovative measurement method from Pepperl+Fuchs. PRT is well-established in many areas of automation technology. The Multi-Ray LED Scanner (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensor) R2100 pushes the realm of possibility one step further by combining our PRT with Ultra-IR LEDs and Multi-Ray Scan. Now, PRT is more powerful than ever before, providing two-dimensional measurement over an area instead of just one point. Due to its multiple wide-beam emitters, the R2100 ensures object detection of irregular surfaces.

Pulse Ranging Technology – true time-of-flight technology

Functional Principle of Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT)

Sensors with PRT emit a very short, high-intensity light pulse. They calculate object distance based on the speed-of-light constant and time-of-flight of the reflected light pulse. Unlike other time-of-flight sensors that transmit a continuous light beam, PRT sensors emit short pulses of high-intensity light up to 250,000 times per second. Compared to a continuous source, the energy density of one PRT pulse can be up to 1,000 times greater. This allows stable and highly reliable detection, even at distances of 300 meters or more. In contrast to triangulation-based sensors, the detection range of a PRT sensor is not limited by the geometric layout of the sensor optics. Consequently, PRT sensors with smaller housings can be used for significantly larger detection ranges – providing impeccable measurement quality.

Applications of the R2100

The Multi-Ray LED scanner (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensor) R2100 has a sophisticated design for maximum efficiency. Combined with its innovative technologies, the R2100 provides reliable measurement results. It is the best solution for challenging indoor and outdoor applications in mobile equipment, intralogistics and machine and plant engineering.

Separating the crop from the surrounding soil, the R2100 ensures precise guidance along the harvesting line.

The R2100 is perfectly suited to detect the mowing edge on harvesters. Multiple emitter elements arranged side-by-side span a 2D area over 88 degrees. The LED Scanner ensures precise guidance along the harvesting line. The sensor design features no moving parts to break down or wear out over time. This delivers extra durability, ruggedness, and measurement stability. Even on uneven agricultural landscapes, it provides reliable measurement results.

Covering a wide detection area, the R2100 detects empty storage bays in an ASRS facility.
R2100 is also ideal for automated storage and retrieval (ASRS) tasks in the material handling and logistics industries. Lightning-fast PRT guarantees fast response times for rapid processes. Eye-safe Ultra-IR LEDs and no moving parts result in low power consumption and allow operation over a wide range of temperatures – without any additional cooling equipment needed.


  • PRT provides reliable and precise distance measurement information
  • Ultra-IR LEDs guarantee powerful performance and long life
  • No moving parts for added durability in difficult application environments
  • 2-D measurement with multiray scan
  • Multiple, wide-beam emitters ensure reliable object detection regardless of surface texture
  • Low current consumption reduces energy-related design and operating costs
  • Fast response time for rapid processes