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SmartRunner Matcher Extended
Industrial Vision

The Specialist for Profile Comparisons

Modern manufacturing requires flexible sensor solutions like the enhanced SmartRunner Matcher Extended. It easily adapts to changing objects and conditions. Read more about this application-specific light section sensor for easy commissioning, process integration, and evaluation … more
IO-Link for Industrial Sensors: Be Proactive, Not Reactive
  Industrial Communication

IO-Link for Sensors: Be Proactive, Not Reactive

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution builds momentum, new technologies are enabling more proactivity than ever before. At the forefront of proactive plant management is the sensor interface protocol IO-Link. IO-Link gives you the insight needed to prevent time-wasting and costly events from affecting your automation processes ... more
  Ultrasonic Sensors

3 Ways to Detect a Splice with Ultrasonic Sensors

When a roll is unspooled and transformed into your finished product, multiple segment connections or splices must be identified and removed. Depending on the spooled material, different sensors are required to detect the splice and stop the feed ... more
3 Ways to Detect a Splice with Ultrasonic Sensors
  Industrial Communication

Easy Integration of Push Buttons into AS-Interface

There are numerous AS-Interface components, but limited push buttons available. To solve this problem, we developed the unique CB10 module, which allows you to flexibly integrate non-AS-Interface push buttons and key-operated switches into your AS-Interface network … more
  Photoelectric Sensors

Increased Detection Range and IP67 Protection

Our multiple-beam safety light barriers meet the highest quality standards and provide reliable protection of humans and machines. Discover the new SLCS and SLCT series with standard IP67 protection and an increased detection range of up to 20 m … more
New SLCS and SLCT series multiple-beam safety light barriers

Stories on amplify

Keeping Compost on Track
In the midst of thousands of cubic meters of compost, the fully automated BACKHUS Lane Turner from Eggersmann moves along. Read in our online magazine "amplify" how ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs help this massive machine keep on track … more

BACKHUS Lane Turner

Brain Teaser

With the help of two buckets and a water tap, a specific amount of water must be measured. One bucket holds 5 liters and the other bucket holds 3 liters. Both containers lack measurement indicators.

How can you measure a liquid amount of 4 liters using only these two buckets?

To Solution
Two buckets

Briefly Introduced ...

With climate change, the ice conditions in Arctic communities are changing. Discover in this article how the smartICE project prevents accidents caused by breaking ice … more
snowmobile in Antarctic

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Intelligent PickFinder

The PickFinder from the Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiary VMT allows intelligent detection and picking of individual parts from a random assortment of objects. Learn more about the impressive interplay between sensor technology, software, and robotics.
PickFinder – Intelligent Object Detection and Segmentation View Video
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