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AS-Interface Switch Cabinet Module KE5 Series – Simple Handling and Improved Manageability


AS-Interface switch cabinet module KE5
Where conventional modules fall short, the analog and digital KE5 modules succeed with a unique housing design that saves space and enables maximum management.

The strengths of AS-Interface technology are well known throughout factory automation. In addition to the low installation costs and flexible expandability, users appreciate the simple assembly and easy configuration of AS-Interface systems.

One of the few remaining challenges is the setup of larger groups of I/O inside switch cabinets and junction boxes. Trying to manage and organize your wiring within a limited installation space is a headache!

Pepperl+Fuchs' KE5 switch cabinet modules are the newest members of our AS-Interface cabinet module family. A unique housing design enables distinct visibility and simplifies mounting, wiring, and maintenance inside switch cabinets and junction boxes. Analog and digital versions are available.

Front facing push-in connection for easy mounting

Terminal blocks are individually plugged in during commissioning.
Terminal blocks are individually plugged in during commissioning.

Almost all AS-Interface modules feature spring and screw terminals that are positioned on the top and bottom of the module. The KE5 takes a different approach: connection points are located on the front and are simply pushed into the module.

The push-in connection at the front and individual plug-in terminals make installation quick and easy. Cables are quickly plugged-in and conveniently guided towards a single cable duct.

Designed for savings

The AS-Interface modules KE5 are real space savers in switch boxes or cabinets.
The AS-Interface modules KE5 are real space savers in switch boxes or cabinets.

The KE5 simplifies mounting and removal of the connectors, organizes the switch cabinet, and opens up additional installation space. With connection at the front of the device, modules can be mounted flush on the upper edge of the switch box or cabinet. Together with the narrow KE5 housing, <19 mm, you can achieve up to 50% space savings.

A clearly colored allocation of clamps for AS-Interface, AUX and analog sensors and actuators simplifies installation and avoids miswired installation of the KE5 analog modules.

A simple design with many benefits

Relay and electronic output versions have the same housing, bringing a cleaner look, ease module mounting and determine cabinet space requirements.
Relay and electronic output versions have the same housing, bringing a cleaner look, ease module mounting and determine cabinet space requirements.

The hinged, half-transparent front cover  is designed to maintain at-a-glance I/O status even when open, provide a label for unmistakable I/O association, and cleverly route the cables so they can be bundled for a clean and organized cabinet.

For diagnostic and maintenance tasks, the KE5 analog and digital modules feature an intelligent display with backlit I/O identification and status-indication LEDs. It provides distinct I/O association, even in dark environments. Dual color LEDs are used to indicate output overload on a channel-specific basis.

Terminal bridging and selectable sensor supply

In addition to the innovative housing and cover design, the KE5 comes with advantages on the inside. The terminal contacts for AS-Interface and AUX, which are internally bridged, achieve a full 10 A, eliminating cumbersome double-wire-end ferrules at terminal points.

With an easily accessible switch, you can opt for sensor supply internally from AS-Interface or externally through AUX. The digital modules include a functional safe separation of both supply methods.

The KE5 analog modules evaluate power and voltage. Either actuators or transmitters can be connected and controlled by voltage or power. In addition, a mixed-mode operation is possible. This increases flexibility during machine planning and opens up more installation space in switch cabinets. The KE5 analog modules are easily switched via jumper to power or voltage, or alternatively via an AS-i parameter bit. Their specially designed mechanical and electrical housing reduces heat development and allows an extended temperature range of -25 °C to 70 °C. The KE5 analog modules’ good temperature compensation ensures precise signal quality during process control.

Analog or digital versions of the AS-Interface KE5 switch cabinet modules are the right choice for AS-Interface users who want easy handling, flexible technology, and cost efficiency.

Highlights at a glance

  • Front-panel, push-in connection simplifies installation
  • Extremely narrow housing of <19 mm, increases cabinet capacity
  • Cover provides proper cable routing, improving cabinet organization
  • Backlit I/O display and labeled front cover provide unmistakable I/O association
  • Easily accessible switch allows users to choose how the connected device powers up, either via AS‑Interface or external power supply