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Hurricane Harvey Impacts Pepperl+Fuchs in Katy, Texas


Pepperl+Fuchs in Katy, Texas
Pepperl+Fuchs in Katy, TX

On Friday, August 25th, Hurricane Harvey hit the South Texas coast. Consequently, the storm front struck our new manufacturing and warehouse building in Katy, Texas. High wind from a hurricane tornado damaged our roof structure, pulling air handling units from the roof and allowing water to enter the building.

We have made contact with all of our employees in the area. Fortunately, no one was in the building, and none of our employees or their families have been injured in this record-breaking storm.


Our beautiful building before hurricane Harvey and the tornado that came with it!

Although this is a difficult event, it will have very minimal impact on our current business operations. Our finished goods inventories and the vast majority of our US production had not yet been transferred to Katy. Those activities were scheduled to take place over the upcoming months. The damage will now force us to shift our relocation schedule. However, we are able to continue manufacturing and distribution in our existing location in Twinsburg, Ohio.

We do not expect any severe interruptions to our supply chain, and much of our business will be unaffected. But as recovery plans are underway, we do anticipate a short-term disruption for products relating to our purge controls systems and the Solution Engineering Center (SEC), since these manufacturing operations were located in the Katy facility.  

Our office space was also affected. Therefore, we will move some of our staff to temporary locations in the surrounding Houston area. We will inform you about relevant address changes and progress on the repairs in a few days.

We truly appreciate your understanding and patience in such an unprecedented situation, and we will do our utmost to ensure it does not affect your business.

Update: September 18, 2017

Pepperl+Fuchs' Katy, Texas facility has been fully activated to begin production and warehousing activities for purge products and Solution Engineering Center projects. 

All teams are working hard to reduce any backlogs that have occurred while the organization recovers from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. Orders are now shipping from stock, and our Twinsburg, Ohio facility continues to service and support all of our customers and products as normal. 


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