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Identification Has Never Been Easier: RFID Read/Write Heads With IO-Link


RFID Read/Write Heads with IO-Link
The new read/write heads with IO-Link are easy to handle and offer maximum flexibility.

RFID systems are cost-efficient, versatile, and ensure reliable processes—like in intralogistics. Wherever a large number of identification points is needed, identification tasks are now easier due to the latest development: the new HF RFID read/write heads. These devices come with an IO-Link interface for easy integration via point-to-point connection—working with any IO-Link master. With these new products, Pepperl+Fuchs has taken a further step towards flexible and modern system integration.

Facilitated Handling

The RFID read/write heads are available in three different housings, featuring a compact and rugged design for applications in harsh industrial environments. In addition to the previous connection to the tried-and-tested evaluation units of the IDENTControl family, the new read/write heads support the fast, open and future-proof IO-Link standard V1.1.
The new read/write heads are easy to handle and offer users maximum flexibility when it comes to application solutions. Users can choose between two operation modes that are designed for both easy and complex applications:

  • Easy mode enables easy commissioning via plug and play without extra programming effort. The auto start function makes the new series ideal for RFID beginners or for simple identification tasks with small amounts of data. There’s no need for a function block, so implementation is straightforward.
  • Expert mode is a solution for high-performance data access via a handshake procedure. The appropriate function block and guide are available for download.

The new read/write heads support the fast, open, and future-proof IO-Link standard V1.1.

Smart Factory Ready

The read/write heads are easily integrated into the plant via point-to-point connection to any desired IO-Link master. In the fieldbus module product range, Pepperl+Fuchs offers corresponding Ethernet IO modules with integrated IO-Link master for an optimized connection and end-to-end parameterization. In addition to the multi-protocol capability that supports the traditional hierarchical fieldbus connection—meaning the communication between PLC and the field level—the integrated 8-way IO-Link master provides the new Ethernet IO modules with cross-hierarchy connectivity for communication structures—in the sense of industry 4.0. Up to eight IO-Link-enabled RFID read/write heads can be connected. This leads to maximized efficiency and reduced channel costs.

Highlights of the new RFID Read/Write Heads:

  • Standardized IO-Link interface unlocks the potential of Industry 4.0
  • Easy mode reduces complexity without compromising performance
  • System standardization with multi-protocol support to most common bus systems
  • Flexible and efficient solution enables IO-Link read/write heads to be combined with other devices on Ethernet IO-Link master
  • Complete system from a single source: read/write heads, tags, and Ethernet IO-Link master


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