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Bringing Flexibility to Challenging Applications: BULLET WirelessHART Adapter


The BULLET is the only WirelessHART adapter with an Ex d housing

The BULLET is a loop or line-powered (7 … 32 V) WirelessHART adapter that enables new and existing 4 … 20 mA and HART field devices to communicate wirelessly. Built to withstand harsh process industry conditions, the BULLET is the only WirelessHART adapter available in an explosion-proof / Zone 0 housing. It supports up to eight field devices in HART multidrop mode. It also features Pepperl+Fuchs’ patented StepVolt™ technology, allowing users to set insertion voltage from 1 to 2.5 V to optimize the usage of available loop power and wireless communication bandwidth.

Get a glimpse of some of the many ways you can use the BULLET WirelessHART adapter to bring flexibility to your application …

Connecting Mobile Measuring Stations

A chemical facility measures air quality to detect dangerous gas leaks. Mobile monitoring stations are cost-effective and allow measured values to be quickly recorded in the immediate area. A BULLET WirelessHART adapter is powered by the mobile measuring station and transmits measurement signals and diagnostic data from the gas sensors to the control room ...

Wirelessly Networked Tank Farms

A petrochemical tank farm with 23 storage tanks is connected to the control system via conventional wiring. The BULLET WirelessHART adapter eliminates the need for costly cable connections and inconvenient battery powered wireless solutions …

Outdoor Monitoring of Gas Limit Values

A global operating company in the chemical and fossil fuels industry designed a comprehensive early warning system for gas leakage detection. The early warning measuring stations are positioned on-site so that escaping gases are reliably detected before they disperse or dissipate. To integrate the sensors into the early warning system, five BULLET WirelessHART adapters are used for each measuring station …

More Flexibility for Mobile Mixing Tanks

In state-of-the-art pharmaceutical applications, portable mixing tanks are a routine part of drug production and handle all relevant processing steps. Two Bullet WirelessHART adapters can be installed on a portable mixing tank: one to control the agitator and the other to transmit all data from several HART field devices to a control system …


  • The only WirelessHART adapter with an Ex d housing and antistatic dome
  • Global certifications for worldwide use
  • Multidrop of up to eight field devices saves network extension costs
  • Patented StepVolt technology enables low voltage drop


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