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How to Detect Clear Objects with Photoelectric Sensors


Simple installation and setup with one user interface for all housing styles and sensing modes

An article by Tom Corbett, Pepperl+Fuchs Product Manager for photoelectric sensors, was recently featured in Manufacturing Automation’s Technology Handbook. In the article, Tom walks through the factors to keep in mind when using photoelectric sensors to detect small and clear objects.

Retroreflective photoelectric sensors for clear objects work just like standard retroreflective sensors, but they can detect the small changes in returned light caused by clear objects that regular sensors would miss. The same technology also allows these sensors to detect extremely small and thin objects.

All-Round Solutions: R10x and R20x Series Photoelectric Sensors

Compact R10x sensors and mid-sized R20x sensors offer a complete family of photoelectric sensors available in every sensing mode—including clear object detection—in five standard housing styles. Each model features the same intuitive user interface and comes standard with IO-Link.  

R10x and R20x Highlights ­

  • All photoelectric sensing modes in standard housing styles for maximum flexibility and more integration possibilities ­
  • Simple installation and setup with one user interface for all housing styles and sensing modes ­
  • IO-Link and Smart Sensor Profile in every sensor: standardized communication down to the sensor level


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