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PXV Absolute Positioning System: Improving on the Past


The PXV and safePXV

Pepperl+Fuchs has years of experience providing absolute positioning systems that increase efficiency in automation processes.  The PCV Data Matrix positioning system, released in 2011, is easily programmable with a read head capable of reading and decoding two-dimensional Data Matrix codes on a self-adhesive tape. The PCV’s innovative features and benefits, including not being comprised of laser diodes or moving parts, provide a long service life to users and easy programming for implementation of inclines and declines.

The new PXV Data Matrix positioning system builds on the reliable position detection, durability, and adaptability of the PCV and gives users more.

The plug-and-play PXV read head has a depth of focus of ± 50 mm and a y-tolerance of ± 25 mm, both a 150 % improvement over the PCV. The PXV’s 120 x 80 mm reading window and enhanced depth of focus offer reliable navigation even when there are gaps in the Data Matrix code tape. The new read head can handle a gap without tape of up to 75 mm—a 170 % improvement over the PCV. The PXV also offers users a tilt angle of ± 30° in the x- and y-axis, and the read head can easily travel tight slopes and curves without losing its reading and decoding capabilities. It can travel up to 100,000 m for applications that cover large distances.    

The Data Matrix code tape maintains its small footprint at 25 mm in width and has larger code squares at 15 x 15 mm, allowing the code to withstand more damage. The tape was engineered to be more resistant to contamination for use in outdoor applications. The PXV tape has high resistance to chemical corrosion, extreme temperatures, and mechanical wear.

Pepperl+Fuchs also offers the PXV in a SIL 3/PL e compliant version, the safePXV, for cost-efficient and simplified protection of personnel and equipment. Now, a costly and complex system for SIL 3/PL e absolute positioning is no longer required. The safePXV uses a single sensor to transmit safe rated data to the PLC. This is possible using a safe algorithm. The sensor can check the plausibility of all data before being sent to the PLC, which can then process the data without additional plausibility checks, establishing efficient absolute positioning.


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